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Christian Wolff
Christian Wolff: 8 Duos

Harold Blumenfeld
Harold Blumenfeld: Mythologies
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title composer artists/ensemble play
Christian Wolff: 8 Duos Christian Wolff Robyn Schulkowsky, percussion; Frederic Rzewski, piano; Joey Baron, percussion; Kim Kashkashian, viola; Reinhold Friedrich, trumpet; Rohan de Saram, cello; Christian Wolff, melodica play
Harold Blumenfeld: Mythologies Harold Blumenfeld Camilla Boatright, cello; Voices of Change; Harold Blumenfeld, voice; Harvey, Boatwright, flute; Donnie Ray Albert, baritone; Brad Wagner, percussion; Mitch Maxwell, cello; Deborah Mashburn, percussion; Kim Kashkashian, viola; Louis Oddo, percussion; Contemporary Chamber Ensemble; Paul Garner, clarinet; Anthony Adkins, cello; Voices of Change; Paul Phillips, Conductor; Contemporary Chamber Ensemble; Patrick Mason, baritone; Arthur Weisberg, Conductor; Gregg Smith Singers; Gregg Smith, Conductor; Alan Rosenkoetter, guitar; David Starobin, guitar; Gregg Smith Singers; Washington University Madrigal Singers; Gordon Gottlieb, percussion play
Perle/Blumenfeld Harold Blumenfeld Arthur Weisberg, Conductor; Louis Oddo, percussion; William Fitzpatrick, violin; Kim Kashkashian, viola; Gordon Gottlieb, percussion; David Starobin, guitar; Brian Dembow, viola; Paul Kantor, violin; Patrick Mason, baritone; New York String Quartet; Stephen Erdody, cello play
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