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Jacob Druckman
New Cantatas and Madrigals

William Mayer
William Mayer: Voices From Lost Realms
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New Cantatas and Madrigals Jacob Druckman New Calliope Singers; Karen Krueger, mezzo-soprano; Peter Schubert, Conductor; Suzanne Peck, soprano; Mukund Marathe, tenor; Paul Rowe, bass; Michael Skelly, piano; Diane Lesser, oboe; Wilbur Pauley, bass; New York Cornet & Sacbut Ensemble; William Parker, baritone; Steven R. Gerber, piano play
William Mayer: Voices From Lost Realms William Mayer Gregory Mercer, tenor; JoAnn Rice, Conductor; Steven Mayer, piano; Jane Bryden, soprano; Music Today String Orchestra; Gerard Schwarz, Conductor; Richard Goldsmith, clarinet; Charles Stier, clarinet; Paul Lustig Dunkel, flute; Philip Hosford, piano; Florilegium Chamber Choir; New Calliope Singers; Peter Schubert, Conductor; Mary Feinsinger, mezzo-soprano; Stacey Shames, harp; Judith Christin, mezzo-soprano; James McKeel, baritone; Elizabeth Poore, soprano; Marshall Coid, violin play
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