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"Blue" Gene Tyranny
Blue Gene Tyranny: Country Boy Country Dog

Kui Dong
Kui Dong: Pangu's Song

Robert Erickson
Music of Robert Erickson

Pablo Ortiz
Pablo Ortiz: Oscuro
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Blue Gene Tyranny: Country Boy Country Dog (How to Discover Music in the Sounds of Your Daily Life) "Blue" Gene Tyranny "Blue" Gene Tyranny, keyboards; Dan Smiley, violin; Ward Spangler, percussion; Mel Graves, bass; William Wohlmacher, clarinet; Robin May, oboe; Carole Klein, trumpet; Johannes Mager, trombone; George Mealy, bassoon; Patrice Hambelton, flute; Norman Peck, percussion; Gregory Barber, bassoon; Patrice Hambelton, piccolo; Betsy London, viola; Rae Imamura, celesta; Robin May, English horn; Ami Radunskaya, cello; Timothy Buckley, accordion; "Blue" Gene Tyranny, electronics; "Blue" Gene Tyranny, electronics; Arch Ensemble; Robert Hughes, Conductor; Timothy Buckley, accordion; "Blue" Gene Tyranny, keyboards play
Kui Dong: Pangu's Song Kui Dong Kui Dong, electronics; Hong Wang, erhu; San Francisco Contemporary Music Players; Stephen Harrison, violoncello; Karen Rosenak, piano; Kui Dong, tape; Barbara Chaffe, flute; Tod Brody, flute; Daniel Kennedy, percussion; William Wohlmacher, clarinet; Roy Malan, violin; Olly Wilson, Conductor; Chen Tao, erhu; Sarah Cahill, piano; Ann Yao, zheng play
Music of Robert Erickson Robert Erickson J. Karla Lemon, bass; Gregory Barber, Conductor; George Mealy, horn; Carol Plantamura, mezzo-soprano; Nathan Rubin, viola; Dan Livesay, trombone; Norman Peck, percussion; William Wohlmacher, bass clarinet; Arch Ensemble; Robert Hughes, Conductor; William Wohlmacher, E-flat clarinet; David Burkhart, trumpet; Ami Radunskaya, cello; Mel Graves, bass; Larry London, B-flat clarinet; Ward Spangler, percussion; Patrice Hambelton, flute play
Pablo Ortiz: Oscuro Pablo Ortiz William Wohlmacher, bass clarinet; Nancy Ellis, viola; Daniel Kennedy, marimba; Richard Worn, contrabass; Susan Freier, violin; Roy Malan, violin; Peter Josheff, clarinet; Peter Josheff, bass clarinet; Chanticleer; Karen Rosenak, piano; San Francisco Contemporary Music Players; Tod Brody, piccolo; Tod Brody, flute; Stephen Harrison, cello; Daniel Kennedy, percussion; David Milnes, Conductor; William Wohlmacher, clarinet; Terrie Baune, violin play
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