Cover for Art Hickman's Orchestra - The San Francisco Sound, Vol. 2
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Art Hickman's Orchestra - The San Francisco Sound, Vol. 2

Archeophone Records
Jul 1920 — Mar 1921

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play Young Man's Fancy 2:46 Milton Ager    
play Cuban Moon (Introducing: "When Alexander Blues the Blues") 3:16 Norman Spencer; Harry D. Squires    
play Whispering 3:01 John Schonberger    
play If a Wish Could Make It So (Introducing: "We've Got Something") 2:41 Herbert Stothart    
play Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere 3:02 Max Kortlander    
play Japanese Sandman (Introducing: "Avalon") 2:53 Richard A. Whiting; Al Jolson; Vincent Rose    
play Avalon (Introducing: "The Japanese Sandman") 2:46 Al Jolson; Vincent Rose; Richard A. Whiting    
play Darling (Introducing: "Love Flower") 3:04 Chris M. Schonberg; Louis Silvers    
play Missy (Introducing: "Bamboola") 3:14 Harry Stanton; Percy Wenrich    
play June (Introducing: "Look What You've Done with Your Dog-Gone Dangerous Eyes") 3:19 Art Hickman; Ben Black; Bert Kalmar; Harry Ruby    
play Nightingale (Introducing: "Drifting Along (On a Blue Lagoon)") 2:37 Vincent Rose; Frank Magine; Phil Goldberg    
play Sweet Little Stranger (Introducing: "When the Right Little Girl Comes Along") 2:58 James F. Hanley    
play Siren of a Southern Sea 3:00 Harold Weeks; Abe Brashen    
play Goodbye Pretty Butterflies 3:00 Abe Olman; Charles L. Cooke    
play Cherry Cherokee 3:04 Neil Moret [pseudonym of Charles N. Daniels]    
play Dream of Me 3:00 Art Hickman; Ben Black; M. K. Jerome    
play Near Me 3:12 Sammy Timberg; Fred Fisher    
play Day Dreams 3:06 Robert King    
play I Spoiled You 2:55 Bob Harris    
play I Call You Sunshine 3:04 Louis Silvers    
play Nestle in Your Daddy’s Arms 3:07 Lou Herscher; Joe Burke    
play Hokum 3:09 Ted Fiorito    
play Honey Lou 2:57 Gene Rose    
play Honeymoon Home 3:08 Monte Carlo; Alma Sanders; Richard A. Whiting    
play Happiness (I Find My Happiness Dear, with You) 3:09 George W. Meyer