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Music from the University of Illinois Ben Johnston John Fonville, flute; Guillermo Perich, viola; University of Illinois Contemporary Chamber Players; Arthur Maddox, piano; Jim Staley, trombone; Paul Martin Zonn, clarinet; Ray Sasaki, trumpet; Don Baker, percussion; Jim Staley, voice; Daniel Perantoni, voice; Edwin London, Conductor; Edwin London, voice; Paul Martin Zonn, Conductor; Thomas Fredrickson, voice; Daniel Perantoni, tuba; Paul Martin Zonn, voice; Wilma Zonn, oboe; Thomas Fredrickson, bass play
Music of Harley Gaber/William Hellermann/Paul Zonn Harley Gaber Karl Kraber, flute; Wilma Zonn, oboe; Arthur Maddox, piano; William Hellermann, tape; Philip Corner, amplified piano; Michael Levenson, percussion; Linda Cummiskey, violin; David Gilbert, flute; Raymond Des Roches, vibraphone play
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