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Joseph Schwantner
Music of our Time, Vol. 1

Jennifer Higdon
New Music from Bowling Green, Vol. III
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Music of our Time, Vol. 1 Joseph Schwantner Igor Szwec, violin; Allison Herz, bass clarinet; Anne Peterson, double bass; Cathleen Partlow, cello; Pamela Fay, viola; Evelyn Jacobs Luise, viola; Sarah Dubois, violin; Emma Kummrow, violin; Alexander Abbe, violin; Lawrence Abramovitz, violin; Baird Dodge, violin; Charles Shrewsbury, horn; Miles B. Davis, double bass; Paul Reiser, violin; Freda Herseth; Richard Swartz, horn; Charles Forbes, cello; Pamela Guidetti, piccolo; Orchestra 2001; James Freeman, Conductor; Michael Strauss, viola; William Kerrigan, percussion; Susan Jones, percussion; Igor Szwec, violin; Mei Chen Liao Cope, violin; Allison Herz, clarinet; Pamela Guidetti, flute; Charles Abramovic, piano; Lori Barnet, cello; Freda Herseth, mezzo-soprano; James Freeman, sitar; Pamela Guidetti, bass flute; Miles B. Davis, bass; Michael Fiday, percussion; Dorothy Freeman, English horn play
New Music from Bowling Green, Vol. III Jennifer Higdon Jennifer Higdon, speaker; Braxton Blake, speaker; Freda Herseth, mezzo-soprano; Emily Freeman Brown, Conductor; Bowling Green Philharmonia; Velvet Brown, tuba; Velvet Brown, speaker; Daniel S. Godfrey, speaker play
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