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Bernadette Speach
Bernadette Speach: Without Borders

Donal Fox
Donal Fox: Gone City

T. J. Anderson
Videmus: Works by Anderson, Baker, Fox and Wilson
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Bernadette Speach: Without Borders Bernadette Speach Nils Vigeland, piano; Leonard Krech, trombone; The Bowery Ensemble; Michael Pugliese, percussion; Jeffrey Schanzer, guitar; Jan Williams, percussion; Anthony de Mare, piano; Myra Melford, piano; Jeffrey Hoyer, trombone; Lindsey Hormer, bass; Oliver Lake, alto saxophone; Thulani Davis, speaker; Bernadette Speach, Conductor play
Donal Fox: Gone City Donal Fox Donal Fox, piano; Quincy Troupe; William Brown, tenor; John Lockwood, double bass; Eric Thomas, clarinet; Oliver Lake, alto saxophone play
Lisle Ellis: Sucker Punch Requiem An Homgage to Jean-Michel Basquiat Lisle Ellis Pamela Z, voice; Pamela Z, electronics; Holly Hofmann, flute; Oliver Lake, saxophones; George Lewis, trombone; Mike Wofford, piano; Lisle Ellis, bass; Lisle Ellis, electronics; Susie Ibarra, drums; Susie Ibarra, percussion play
Videmus: Works by Anderson, Baker, Fox and Wilson T. J. Anderson Donal Fox, piano; William Brown, tenor; Eric Thomas, clarinet; Oliver Lake, alto saxophone; Lynn Chang, violin; Mark Churchill, cello; Vivian Taylor, piano; Videmus; Marylou Speaker Churchill, violin; Marcus Thompson, viola; John McDonald, piano; J. Michael Leonard, tenor saxophone play
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