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Donal Fox
Donal Fox: Gone City

George E. Lewis
George Lewis: Changing With the Times
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title composer artists/ensemble play
Donal Fox: Gone City Donal Fox Donal Fox, piano; Quincy Troupe; William Brown, tenor; John Lockwood, double bass; Eric Thomas, clarinet; Oliver Lake, alto saxophone play
George Lewis: Changing With the Times George E. Lewis Mary Oliver, viola; Jeannie Cheatham, organ; Bernard Mixon, speaker; Douglas Ewart, bass clarinet; Mary Oliver, voice; Douglas Ewart, didjeridu; Jeannie Cheatham, speaker; Douglas Ewart, clarinet; Douglas Ewart, shakuhachi; Peter Gonzales III, percussion; Mary Oliver, violin; Jeannie Cheatham, piano; Douglas Ewart, woodwinds; Douglas Ewart, saxophone; Douglas Ewart, percussion; Bernard Mixon, spoken word; Bernard Mixon, voice; Jerome Rothenberg; Ruth Neville, piano; Daniel Koppelman, piano; Quincy Troupe; George E. Lewis, trombone play
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