The Phonographic Yearbook: 1912

"Waitin' on the Levee"

Archeophone Records
Sep 1911 — Sep 1912

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play Down by the Old Mill Stream 2:49 Tell Taylor    
Harry MacDonough, tenor
Oct 1911

play Oh, You Beautiful Doll 2:48 Seymour Brown; Nat D. Ayer    
play Snap Your Fingers 2:34 Harry Von Tilzer    
Al Jolson, tenor
Mar 1912

play I'm Going Back to Dixie 2:44 Irving Berlin; Ted Snyder    
Dec 1911

play I Love You Truly 2:22 Carrie Jacobs-Bond    
Elsie Baker, contralto
Jun 1912

play Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee 3:09 Stanley Murphy; Henry I. Marshall    
from "A Winsome Widow"
Jul 1912

play Red Pepper: A Spicy Rag 2:13 Henry Lodge; ____ O'Hare, arr.    
Fred Van Eps, banjo
Dec 1911

play Moonlight Bay 3:00 Edward Madden; Percy Wenrich    
play When I Was Twenty-One and You Were Sweet Sixteen 2:40 Harry Williams; Egbert van Alstyne    
Jan 1912

play Whispering Hope 2:33 Alice Hawthorne [pseudonym of Septimus Winner]    
Apr 1912

play Ragtime Violin 2:23 Irving Berlin    
play It's a Long Lane that Has No Turning 3:11 Arthur A. Penn; Manuel Klein    
from the New York Hippodrome Production "All Around the World"
Columbia Quartette
Dec 1911

play Roamin' in the Gloamin' 4:06 Harry Lauder    
Harry Lauder
Oct 1911

play Love Is Mine 2:47 Clarence G. Gartner; Edward Teschemacher    
Enrico Caruso, tenor
Dec 1911

play That Haunting Melody 2:32 George M. Cohan    
Al Jolson, tenor
Dec 1911

play I'm Afraid, Pretty Maid, I'm Afraid 2:48 Irving Berlin    
Mar 1912

play Waiting for the Robert E. Lee 2:33 L. Wolfe Gilbert; Lewis F. Muir    
play In the Land of Harmony and Stop Stop Stop (medley) 2:44 Ted Snyder    
Guido Deiro, accordion

play Ring Ting-a-Ling 2:44 Jean Schwartz    
from "Over the River"
Ada Jones, soprano
Feb 1912

play If You Talk in Your Sleep, Don't Mention My Name 2:51 Seymour Brown; Nat D. Ayer    
Billy Murray, tenor
Nov 1911

play Ragging the Baby to Sleep 2:57 L. Wolfe Gilbert; Lewis F. Muir    
Al Jolson, tenor
Apr 1912

play Take Me Back to the Garden of Love 3:17 E. Ray Goetz; Nat Osborne    
Feb 1912

play Ragtime Cowboy Joe 2:34 Lewis F. Muir; Grant Clarke; Maurice Abrahams    
Bob Roberts
Apr 1912

play Everybody Two-Step 2:16 Earl C. Jones; Willie Herzer