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Real Ragtime

Disc Recordings From Its Heyday

Archeophone Records
May 1898 — Mar 1919

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play Florida Rag 2:26 George L. Lowry    
Vess L. Ossman, banjo

play When Uncle Joe Plays a Rag on His Old Banjo 2:41 Esrom, D. A. [pseudonym of Theodora Morse]; Theodore Morse    
Jun 1912

play Booster Fox Trot 2:43 Mayhew L. Lake    
(An American Absurdity)
Jun 1915

play Berkeley March 1:36 Ruben Reese Brooks; Harry Melville Denton    
May 1898

play Hu-La Hu-La Cake Walk 2:09 Egbert van Alstyne    
The Sousa Band
Apr 1901

play Dill Pickles Rag 2:42 Charles L. Johnson    
(Ragtime Two-Step)
Jul 1908

play Cakewalk 2:15 John J. Kimmel    
Circa 1907

play Everybody Rag with Me 2:43 Gus Kahn; Grace LeBoy    
American Quartet
Apr 1915

play Creole Belles 1:48 J. Bodewalt Lampe    
Columbia Orchestra
Circa 1902

play By the Sycamore Tree-Coon Medley 2:49 George V. Hobart; Max Hoffman; Jean Schwartz; Theodore Morse; J. B. Mullen    
(By the Sycamore Tree-The Gambling Man-Up in a Cocoanut Trees-Show the Whites of Yo' Eyes-Pretty Little Dinah Jones
Apr 1904

play International Rag 2:34 Irving Berlin    
Sep 1913

play Silver Heels 2:58 Neil Moret [pseudonym of Charles N. Daniels]    
Fred Van Eps, banjo
Mar 1919

play Canhanibalmo Rag 2:44 Arthur Pryor    
May 1911

play Coon Band Contest 3:03 Arthur Pryor    
Jan 1901

play You're Talking Rag-Time 1:51 Beaumont Sisters    
Arthur Collins
Jan 1900

play Sugar Plum 2:41 L'Albert    
Circa May 1909

play Whipped Cream 2:54 Percy Wenrich    
Fred Van Eps, banjo
Feb 1913

play Deiro Rag 3:20 Guido Deiro    
Guido Deiro, accordion
Aug 1912

play Old Folks Rag 3:45 Wilbur Sweatman    
Fox Trot
Aug 1914

play Ragged William 2:19 Frank P. Banta    
Two Step
Mar 1901

play Ragtime Temple Bells 3:04 James O'Dea; Ivan Caryll    
(from "Chin-Chin")
Billy Murray, tenor
Dec 1914

play Russian Rag 3:14 George L. Cobb    
play Hungarian Rag 2:57 Julius Lenzberg    
Pietro Deiro, accordion
Mar 1914

play Wild Cherry Rag 2:53 Ted Snyder; Irving Berlin    
Eddie Morton, baritone
Circa Sep 1909

play The King of Rags 2:29 Sherman Swisher    
(A Two-Step Oddity)
Sep 1907

play Darkie's Awakening 2:48 George Lansing    
Vess L. Ossman, banjo
Circa 1904

play Cohan's "Rag Babe" 2:22 George M. Cohan    
from "The Yankee Prince"
Arthur Collins

play Some Baby 3:00 Julius Lenzberg    
Jul 1914

play Ruff Johnson's Harmony Band 3:04 Shelton Brooks; Maurice Abrahams    
'Gene Greene
Mar 1917