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Chas Smith
Cold Blue

Larry Polansky
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Cold Blue Chas Smith Harold Budd, synthesizer; Rick Cox, prepared electric guitar; Read Miller, voice; John Kuhlman, electric guitar; Jack Loeffler, drum; Jack Loeffler, bullroarer; Robert Krupnick, piano; Peter Garland, piano; Daniel Lentz, wine glasses; Eugene Bowen, guitar synthesizer; Fred Parcells, trombone; Janyce Collins, voice; John Kuhlman, voice; Michael Jon Fink, celesta; Beverly Johnson, marimba; Gary Eister, wine glasses; Stan Carey, wine glasses; Dane Little, cello; Ingram Marshall, piano; Fausto, mandolin; Ingram Marshall, electronics; Chas Smith, pedal steel guitar; Chas Smith, banjo; William Winant, marimba; Gary Eister, voice; Bryan Pezzone, piano; Kevin Little, marimba; Mike Perry, marimba; Rick Cox, electric guitar; Stan Carey, voice; Daniel Lentz, voice play
Gertrudes Music for Violin and Resonator Guitar Larry Polansky James Moore, resonator guitar; Andie Springer, violin; Lainie Fefferman, wine glasses; Jascha Narveson, wine glasses play
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