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Big City Orchestra - Greatest Hits and Test Tones

Al Margolis
If, Bwana: Breathing

Marc Farre
Marc Farre - Margaret Maybe

Paul Panhuysen
Paul Panhuysen: Partitas for Long Strings
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Big City Orchestra - Greatest Hits and Test Tones Robo, voice; Rob Wortman, percussion; Brook Hinton, keyboard; Daevid Allen, voice; Rob Wortman, strings; Robo, percussion; David Gardner, voice; Robo, sampled sounds; T-Bone Juju, voice; Mic Gendreau, percussion; Mark Robson, piano; Jonathan Segel, string section; Mark Robson, didjeridu; Markus Wolff, percussion; Daevid Allen, guitar; Big City Orchestra; Alan Herrick, egg whisk play
If, Bwana: Breathing Al Margolis Brian Charles, oboe; Al Margolis, flute; Al Margolis, electronics; Al Margolis, tape; Al Margolis, violoncello; Detta Andreana, piano; Detta Andreana, organ; Al Margolis, electronic processing; Al Margolis, voice; Dave Prescott, didjeridu; Detta Andreana, voice; Debbie Goldberg, voice; Dave Prescott, winds; Dan Andreana, voice; Al Margolis, piano; Jane Scarpantoni, violoncello; Brian Charles, didjeridu; Al Margolis, winds; Al Margolis, strings play
Marc Farre - Margaret Maybe Marc Farre Dana Massie, guitar; Marc Farre, bass; Michael Pugliese, percussion; Jay Ward, bass; Michael Pugliese, vibraphone; Dianne Drayse, voice; Michael Pugliese, drums; Marc Farre, strings; Dana Massie, bass; Matt Isaacson, drums; Marc Farre, piano; Marc Farre, voice; Matt Isaacson, percussion; Marc Farre, guitar; Marc Farre play
Paul Panhuysen: Partitas for Long Strings Paul Panhuysen Paul Panhuysen, strings play
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