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title composer artists/ensemble play
Autonomous Systems: Red Rocks David Dunn play
The Dreamer That Remains: A Study In Loving Harry Partch Randy Hoffman, mbira bass dyad; Danlee Mitchell; Harry Partch, adapted guitar II; Emil Richards, cloud chamber bowls; Jonathan Szanto, ektaras; Jonathan Szanto, bamboo marimba; Jonathan Szanto, mbira bass dyad; Duane Thomas, harmonic canon III; Randy Hoffman, eucal blossom; Jean-Charles Francois, quadrangularis reversum; Harry Partch; Harry Partch, narrator; Harry Partch Ensemble; Jack Logan, Conductor; Ron Caruso, gourd tree; David Dunn, adapted viola; Jonathan Glasier, harmonic canon I; Jonathan Glasier, new harmonic canon I; Francis Thumm play
freeHorn Larry Polansky David Kant, tenor saxophone; David Kant, computer; Krystyna Bobrowski, horn; Tom Dambly, trumpet; Amy Beal, piano; Larry Polansky, fretless electric guitar; Giacomo Fiore, electric guitar; David Dunn, electric violin; Monica Scott, cello play
Gradients David Dunn play
Lorenz David Dunn play
Nine Strange Attractors David Dunn play
Railroad Gamelan Ellen Band Ellen Band, field recordings; David Dunn, field recordings play
The Wayward: III. The Letter Harry Partch Harry Partch; Harry Partch, omicron belly drum; David Dunn, omicron belly drum; Dennis Dunn, harmonic canon; Randy Hoffman, omicron belly drum play
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