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Cole Porter
Fifty Million Frenchmen

Jerome Kern

Richard Rodgers
Rodgers and Hart: Babes In Arms

Jerome Kern
Sitting Pretty
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title composer artists/ensemble play
Fifty Million Frenchmen Cole Porter Kim Criswell, soprano, "May DeVere"; Evans Haile, Conductor; Karen Ziemba, voice, "Joyce Wheeler"; Susan Powell, voice, "Looloo Carroll"; Howard McGillin, voice, "Peter Forbes"; Jean LeClerc, voice, "Louis Pernasse"; Orchestra New England; J.Q. and The Bandits; James Harder, voice, "Mr. Emmit Carroll"; Scott Waara, voice, "Billy Baxter"; Jason Graae, voice, "Michael Cummins"; Kay McClelland, voice, "Violet Hildegarde"; Peggy Cass, voice, "Mrs. Gladys Carroll"; Fifty Million Frenchmen-Company play
Roberta Jerome Kern Orchestra of Ireland; Rob Berman, Conductor; Tally Sessions; Patrick Cummings; Laura Daniel; Adam Alexander; Kyle Guglielmo; Justin Keyes; Michael Marcotte; Timothy McDevitt; Patrick Mellen; Kevin Vortmann; Jason Graae; Jeanne Lehmann; Diana Montague; Eamonn Mulhall; Annalene Beechey; John Molloy; Kim Criswell; Michele McKenzie; Mary O'Sullivan; Aine Mulvey; Christina Whyte; Stephen Cole; Vincent Lynch, piano play
Rodgers and Hart: Babes In Arms Richard Rodgers Evans Haile, Conductor; Judy Blazer, voice, "Billie Smith"; Donna Kane, voice, "Dolores Reynold"; Judy Kaye, voice, "Baby Rose"; Jason Graae, voice, "Gus Fielding"; Adam Grupper, voice, "Peter Jackson"; New Jersey Symphony Orchestra; Gregg Edelman, voice, "Valentine LaMar" play
Sitting Pretty Jerome Kern John McGlinn, Conductor; Richard Woods, voice, "William Pennington"; Davis Gaines, voice, "Bill Pennington"; Paul V. Ames, voice, "Judson Waters"; Beverly Lambert, voice, "Babe LaMarr"; Paige O'Hara, voice, "May Tolliver"; Judy Blazer, voice, "Dixie Tolliver"; Jason Graae, voice, "Horace Peabody"; Merwin Goldsmith, voice, "Uncle Jo"; Paula Laurence, voice, "Mrs. Wagstaff"; Roberta Peters, voice, "Empress Eugenie"; Princess Theatre Ensemble play
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