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Chorales for America Gina Leishman Doug Wieselman, clarinet; Peter Apfelbaum, tenor saxophone; Peter Apfelbaum, claro-sax; Peter Apfelbaum, recorder; Jeff Cressman, baritone horn; Jeff Cressman, trombone; Jeff Cressman, slide whistle; Danny Frankel, drums; Danny Frankel, percussion; Bob Lipton, tuba; Kamikaze Ground Crew; Steven Bernstein, cornet; Steven Bernstein, flugelhorn; Steven Bernstein, trumpet; Steven Bernstein, piccolo trumpet; Peter Apfelbaum, clarinet; Gina Leishman, voice; Gina Leishman, ukulele; Doug Wieselman, pennywhistle; Doug Wieselman, electric guitar; Doug Wieselman, tenor saxophone; Doug Wieselman, soprano saxophone; Doug Wieselman, baritone saxophone; Doug Wieselman, alto saxophone; Doug Wieselman, ukulele; Doug Wieselman, mandolin; Gina Leishman, accordion; Gina Leishman, bass clarinet; Gina Leishman, keyboard; Gina Leishman, piano; Gina Leishman, alto saxophone; Steven Bernstein, tuba play
The House That Brings a Smile Wayne Horvitz Herb Robertson, trumpet; Lesli Dalaba, trumpet; Bobby Previte, drums; Jimmy Cozier, baritone saxophone; Wayne Horvitz, piano; Jr. Guyton, alto saxophone; Robert DeBellis, alto saxophone; Bobby Previte, marimba; Doug Wieselman, tenor saxophone; Marty Ehrlich, soprano saxophone; Ray Anderson, trombone; Marty Ehrlich, tenor saxophone; Marty Ehrlich, bass clarinet; Jr. Guyton, flute; Art Baron, trombone; Doug Wieselman, clarinet; Vincent Chancey, French horn; Robin Holcomb, piano; Steven Bernstein, trumpet; Robert DeBellis, flute; New York Composers Orchestra; Lindsey Horner, bass play
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