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Wadada Leo Smith
A Confederacy of Dances Vol. I

Robin Holcomb
Concerts by Composers: Robin Holcomb

Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris
Dust to Dust

Robin Holcomb
The New York Composer's Orchestra-First Program in Standard Time

Robin Holcomb
The New York Composers Orchestra
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A Confederacy of Dances Vol. I Wadada Leo Smith Ron Kuivila, electronics; David Shea, tapes; Guy Klucevsek, accordion; David Shea, effects; Carol Emanuel, harp; Erik Friedlander, cello; M.E. Miller, drums; Anthony Coleman, keyboard sampler; Luli Shioi, bass guitar; Robert James, tapes; Ursula Oppens, piano; Robin Holcomb, prompter; Arto Lindsay, guitar; Vicki Bodner, English horn; Luli Shioi, voice; Zeena Parkins, electronics; Hahn Rowe, violin; Robert James, sound effects; John Zorn, reeds; Shelley Hirsch, voice; Christian Marclay, turntables; Tohban Djan; Arto Lindsay, voice; Mary Rowell, violin; David Shea, turntables; Jeanne Lee, voice; Billy Bang, violin; Jim Pugliese, drums; Davey Williams, electric guitar; Vicki Bodner, oboe; Ursula Oppens, piano; Bill Frisell, electric guitar; Ikue Mori, drums; Zeena Parkins, electric harp; Chris Cochrane, electric guitar; Wayne Horvitz, electronic keyboard; Jim Staley, trombone; Jim Pugliese, sampler; David Weinstein, keyboard sampler; Don Byron, clarinet; Wadada Leo Smith, trumpet; Ron Kuivila, computer; Ikue Mori, drum machine; Jonathan Storck, double bass play
Concerts by Composers: Robin Holcomb Robin Holcomb Robin Holcomb, keyboards; Robin Holcomb, electronics; Wayne Horvitz, organ; Robin Holcomb, piano play
Dust to Dust Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris Wayne Horvitz, keyboards; Myra Melford, piano; Marty Ehrlich, clarinet; Bryan Carrott, vibraphone; Janet Grice, bassoon; Wayne Horvitz, electronics; J. A. Deane, trombone; Zeena Parkins, harp; Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris, Conductor; J. A. Deane, electronics; Jean-Paul Bourelly, guitar; John Purcell, oboe; Jason Kao Hwang, violin; Andrew Cyrille, drums; Vickey Bodner, English horn play
Jim Staley: Mumbo Jumbo Bill Frisell John Zorn, alto saxophone; Elliott Sharp, double-neck guitar; Fred Frith, voice; Wayne Horvitz, drum machine; Elliott Sharp, soprano saxophone; Shelley Hirsch, voice; Wayne Horvitz, synthesizer; Elliott Sharp, bass; Wayne Horvitz, piano; Bill Frisell, guitar; Ikue Mori, drum machine; Samm Bennett, percussion; Samm Bennett, drums; Jim Staley, trombone; Samm Bennett, electronic percussion; Ikue Mori, drums; Fred Frith, guitars play
The New York Composer's Orchestra-First Program in Standard Time Robin Holcomb Marty Ehrlich, tenor saxophone; Robert DeBellis, flute; Jr. Guyton, flute; Steven Bernstein, flugelhorn; Doug Wieselman, clarinet; Sam Furnace, baritone saxophone; Marty Ehrlich, alto saxophone; New York Composers Orchestra; Robert DeBellis, alto saxophone; Eddie Allen, trumpet; Jr. Guyton, alto saxophone; Robin Holcomb, piano; Art Baron, didjeridu; Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris, cornet; Bobby Previte, marimba; Art Baron, trombone; Steven Bernstein, trumpet; Doug Wieselman, tenor saxophone; Marty Ehrlich, bass clarinet; Jack Walrath, trumpet; Vincent Chancey, French horn; Ray Anderson, trombone; Marty Ehrlich, clarinet; Ray Anderson, tuba; Marty Ehrlich, soprano saxophone; Bobby Previte, drums; Lindsey Horner, bass; Wayne Horvitz, keyboard play
The New York Composers Orchestra Robin Holcomb Art Baron, trombone; Lindsey Horner, bass; Dave Hofstra, tuba; Bobby Previte, marimba; Robert DeBellis, alto saxophone; Jr. Guyton, alto saxophone; Marty Ehrlich, soprano saxophone; Doug Wieselman, tenor saxophone; Doug Wieselman, clarinet; Wayne Horvitz, piano; Robin Holcomb, piano; Marty Ehrlich, tenor saxophone; Marty Ehrlich, bass clarinet; Stew Cutler, guitar; Jr. Guyton, flute; Dave Hofstra, electric bass; Jimmy Cozier, baritone saxophone; Bobby Previte, drums; Ray Anderson, trombone; Lesli Dalaba, trumpet; Robert DeBellis, flute; Herb Robertson, trumpet; Tom Varner, French horn; Vincent Chancey, French horn; Steven Bernstein, trumpet; New York Composers Orchestra play
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