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Anti-Social Music Sings The Great American Songbook

Peacock Recordings

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play Fracture II 10:50 Pat Muchmore    
play ...Hero Cops & Olympic Gold (Symphonasm No.1) 5:54 John Wriggle    
play Part 1 (We're All Winners)) 2:26 John Wriggle    
play Guitar Interlude (You're a Hero, Too) 1:18 John Wriggle    
play Part 2 (Somebody is Losing) 2:09 John Wriggle    
play Kilter 10:44 Peter Hess    
play Song 7:06 Ken Thomson    
play Seven Songs of Zen, Love, and Longing 6:08 William Brittelle    
play Overture/The Indian 1:44 William Brittelle    
play Commandment Dude-or-onomy :59 William Brittelle    
play Beez in the Treez :46 William Brittelle    
play Teen Steam :24 William Brittelle    
play Bahamamama 1:00 William Brittelle    
play Nova (Girl from the Planet of the Apes) :59 William Brittelle    
play Lycanthropy of a Poe Poem 7:23 Daniel Lasaga    
play Breakbeat 2:51 Andrea La Rose    
Andrea La Rose, flute

play Each Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow (For Moondog) 11:58 Franz Nicolay    
play Part 1 5:27 Franz Nicolay    
play Part 2 1:46 Franz Nicolay    
play Part 3 4:45 Franz Nicolay