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Art Hickman's Orchestra - The San Francisco Sound

Archeophone Records
Sep 1919 — Jul 1920

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play Rose of Mandalay 3:04 Ted Koehler; Frank Magine    
play Dance It Again with Me 3:00 Arthur Freed; Oliver G. Wallace    
play Along the Way to Damascus 3:02 Jesse G. M. Glick; Oliver G. Wallace    
play Take It Easy 2:56 ____ White    
play Rainbow of My Dreams 2:40 Arthur Freed; Oliver G. Wallace    
play Burmese Belles 3:09 Eugene Platzmann    
play Fee Fi Fo Fum 2:53 Otto Motzan; Abe Olman    
play On the Streets of Cairo 3:03 George P. Hulten    
play Dancing Honeymoon 3:11 ____ Grant    
play Cairo 3:08 Arthur Freed; Harold Weeks    
play Peggy 2:57 Harry Williams; Neil Moret [pseudonym of Charles N. Daniels]    
play My Baby's Arms 3:02 Joseph McCarthy; Harry Tierney    
play You and I 3:04 Art Hickman; Ben Black    
play Rose Room 3:23 Art Hickman    
play Those Draftin' Blues [Introducing 1. St. Francis Blues; 2. Tishomingo Blues] 3:05 Maceo Pinkard; Art Hickman; Spencer Williams    
play The Hesitating Blues [Introducing Beale Street] 2:51 W.C. Handy    
play Tell Me Why 2:59 Richard Coburn; Vincent Rose    
play Come Back to Georgia 2:49 Art Hickman; Ben Black    
play Patches 3:10 Lee S. Roberts; J. Will Callahan    
play Hold Me 3:12 Art Hickman; Ben Black; Joseph Meyer    
play Wonderful Pal [Introducing Sweet Baby] 3:24 Maceo Pinkard; William Tracey    
play Nobody Knows [Introducing I lost My Heart in Dixieland] 3:23 Irving Berlin    
play The Love Nest [Introducing Mary] 2:46 Louis A. Hirsch    
play Song of the Orient 2:42 ____ Rosenthal    
play Tell Me Little Gypsy 2:42 Irving Berlin