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The Phonographic Yearbook: 1915

"They'd Sooner Sleep on Thistles"

Archeophone Records
1910 — Oct 1915

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play Hello Frisco! (I Called You Up to Say "Hello!") 2:45 Gene Buck; Louis A. Hirsch    
from "Follies of 1915"
Jul 1915

play Carry Me Back to Old Virginny 4:15 James Bland    
Alma Gluck, soprano
Nov 1914

play I Didn't Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier 2:56 Alfred Bryan; Al Piantadosi    
Morton Harvey, tenor
Jan 1915

play My Bird of Paradise 3:21 Irving Berlin    
play It's Tulip Time in Holland (Two Lips Are Calling Me) 3:00 Dave Radford; Richard A. Whiting    
Harry MacDonough, tenor
Sep 1915

play You'll Always Be the Same Sweet Girl 2:20 Andrew B. Sterling; Harry Von Tilzer    
play A Little Bit of Heaven ("Shure They Call It Ireland") 3:05 J. Keirn Brennan; Ernest R. Ball    
from Olcott's "Heart of Paddy Whack"
Jan 1915

play On the 5:15 2:55 Stanley Murphy; Henry I. Marshall    
play It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary 3:11 Jack Judge; Harry Willams    
John McCormack, tenor
Nov 1914

play Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts for Soldiers 3:05 R. P. Weston; Herman E. Darewski    
Al Jolson, tenor
Dec 1914

play Goodbye Girls, I'm Through 2:22 John Golden; Ivan Caryll    
from "Chin Chin"
Raymond Dixon, tenor
Jan 1915

play They Didn't Believe Me 3:21 Herbert Reynolds; Jerome Kern    
from "The Girl from Utah"
Sep 1915

play Home, Sweet Home 3:48 John Howard Payne    
Alice Nielsen, soprano
Circa 1910

play Little Ford Rambled Right Along 3:09 C. R. Foster; Byron Gay    
Billy Murray, tenor
Mar 1915

play He's a Rag Picker 2:55 Irving Berlin    
play If We Can't Be the Same Old Sweethearts, We'll Just Be the Same Old Friends 3:09 Joseph McCarthy; James V. Monaco    
Irving Kaufman, tenor
May 1915

play There's a Little Lane Without a Turning "On the Way to Home Sweet Home" 3:16 Sam M. Lewis; George W. Meyer    
Henry Burr, tenor
Oct 1915

play Back Home in Tennessee (Introducing: I Love to Stay at Home) 4:04 Walter Donaldson; Irving Berlin    
Prince's Band
Circa 1915

play Close to My Heart 3:04 Andrew B. Sterling; Harry Von Tilzer    
Jun 1915

play Down Among the Sheltering Palms 2:44 James Brockman; Abe Olman    
play My Little Dream Girl 2:37 L. Wolfe Gilbert; Anatol Friedland    
play Chinatown, My Chinatown 2:36 William Jerome; Jean Schwartz    
play Alabama Jubilee 3:03 Jack Yellen; George L. Cobb    
Apr 1915

play I Didn't Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier 2:57 Alfred Bryan; Al Piantadosi    
play Back to the Carolina You Love 3:05 Grant Clarke; Jean Schwartz    
Al Jolson, tenor
Sep 1914