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Songs of the Night

Dance Recordings, 1916-1925 by Joseph C. Smith’s Orchestra

Archeophone Records
Sep 2016 — Mar 2025

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play Songs of the Night 4:28 Stuart James    
Sep 2016

play Money Blues 2:35 Hugo Frey    
Sep 2016

play I’ve a Shooting Box in Scotland 3:00 Cole Porter    
Jan 2017

play Havanola 3:50 Hugo Frey    
Jan 2017

play Poor Butterfly 3:16 Raymond Hubbell    
Feb 2017

play Allah’s Holiday 2:50 Rudolf Friml    
Feb 2017

play St. Elmo 4:17 Joseph C. Smith; Nicholas Briglia    
Mar 2017

play Dance and Grow Thin 3:05 George W. Meyer    
May 2017

play Missouri Waltz 4:31 John V. Eppel    
Oct 2017

play Calicoco 3:03 Hugo Frey    
Nov 2017

play When You Come Back 2:59 Hugo Frey    
Nov 2017

play Smiles 3:17 Lee Roberts    
Jun 2018

play Rose Room 2:45 Art Hickman; Walter Smith    
Jun 2018

play Mary 2:44 George L. Stoddard; Hugo Frey    
Jul 2018

play Hindustan 3:02 Oliver G. Wallace; Harold Weeks    
Jul 2018

play Rockin’ the Boat 3:05 Hugo Frey    
Dec 2018

play Head Over Heels 3:54 Jerome Kern    
Dec 2018

play Mickey 3:14 Harry Williams; Neil Moret [pseudonym of Charles N. Daniels]    
Jan 2019

play Dear Old Pal of Mine 2:49 Gitz Rice    
Mar 2019

play Somebody’s Sweetheart and Good Morning, Judge 4:00 Antonio Bafunno; George Gershwin    
Apr 2019

play Rainy Day Blues 2:45 Frank Warshauer    
Apr 2019

play Coo Coo 2:49 Joseph C. Smith    
Jun 2019

play The Vamp 3:22 Byron Gay    
Jun 2019

play Who Did It? 2:49 Joseph C. Smith    
Jun 2019

play Peggy 3:26 Neil Moret [pseudonym of Charles N. Daniels]    
play Yellow Dog Blues 3:17 W.C. Handy    
Oct 2019

play Happy 2:56 Hugo Frey    
Oct 2019

play Lovely Summertime 3:07 Joseph C. Smith    
Oct 2019

play That Naughty Waltz 3:28 Sol P. Levy    
Dec 2019

play Karavan 3:16 Abe Olman; Rudy Wiedoeft    
Mar 2020

play Ching-a-Ling’s Jazz Bazaar 3:59 Ethel Bridges; Joseph H. Santley    
Mar 2020

play Love Nest 3:18 Louis A. Hirsch    
May 2020

play Alice Blue Gown 3:19 Harry Tierney    
Oct 2020

play Sally 4:18 Jerome Kern    
Feb 2021

play I Lost My Heart to You 3:11 Jacob Merkur; Edward Davis; Annelu Burns; Madelyn Shepard; Sidney Caine    
Mar 2021

play Why, Dear? 2:48 Henry R. Cohen    
Sep 2021

play It’s You 3:03 Con Conrad    
Oct 2021

play Stealing 3:17 Dan Sullivan    
Nov 2021

play Three O’clock in the Morning 3:05 Julian Robledo    
Jan 2022

play While Miami Dreams 3:10 Richard A. Whiting    
Mar 2022

play Rose of Stamboul 3:15 Leo Fall; Sigmund Romberg    
Mar 2022

play Where Is the Man of My Dreams 3:08 George Gershwin    
Circa Sep 2022

play Sweetheart of Sigma Chi 3:04 F. Dudleigh Vernor    
May 2023

play Stella 2:45 Al Jolson; Harry Akst; Benny Davis    
May 2023

play It Ain’t Gonna Rain No Mo! 2:38 Wendell Hall    
Circa Jun 2024

play Driftwood 3:20 Lew Gold    
Circa Jun 2024

play I Like You Best of All 3:05 Arthur Sizemore; George A. Little; Larry Shay    
Circa Mar 2025