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Pauline Oliveros
Lesbian American Composers

Annea Lockwood
New Music for Electronic and Recorded Media: Women In Electronic Music - 1977
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Lesbian American Composers Pauline Oliveros Linda Montano, voice; Pauline Oliveros, voice; Eve Beglarian, percussion; Robin Lorentz, "wolf chaser"; Pauline Oliveros, accordion; Nurit Tilles, piano; Linda Montano, piano; Marilyn Lerner, piano; Lori Freedman, clarinet; Queen Mab; Steven Osgood, Conductor; Lori Ann Phillips, soprano; Elaine Valby, soprano; Eve Beglarian, electronics; Robin Lorentz, violin; Jill Ferber, flute; Claudia Anderson, flute; John Piirainen, piano; Elizabeth Eshleman, soprano; Malin Serner, voice; Lisa Frisari, bowed crotales; Ruth Anderson play
New Music for Electronic and Recorded Media: Women In Electronic Music - 1977 Annea Lockwood Laurie Spiegel, computer; Scott Johnson, guitar; Laurie Anderson, violin; Laurie Anderson, telephone; Megan Roberts, tape; Ruth Anderson, sine wave generator; Laurie Anderson; Laurie Spiegel, tape; Scott Johnson, organ; Pauline Oliveros, tape; Annea Lockwood, pre-recorded sound; Annea Lockwood, gong; Donald Buchla, frequency shifting; Allen Strange, Buchla music easel; Charles Amirkhanian, triangle; Electric Weasel Ensemble; David Morse, Buchla music easel; Brenda Hutchinson, pulse control; Stephen Ruppenthal, Buchla music easel play
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