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Christian Wolff
Music for Merce

Annea Lockwood
New Music for Electronic and Recorded Media: Women In Electronic Music - 1977

Annea Lockwood
New Music for Electronic And Recorded Media: Women in Electronic Music - 1977
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Music for Merce Christian Wolff Christian Wolff, electronics; David Tudor, piano; John Cage, piano; John Cage, electronics; David Tudor, electronics; Gordon Mumma, electronics; David Tudor, bandoneon; David Behrman, viola; John Cage, voice; John Cage, percussion; Gordon Mumma, horn; Malcolm Goldstein, violin; Max Neuhaus, percussion; Valda Setterfield, voice; Carolyn Brown, voice; Barbara Dilley Lloyd, voice; Beverly Emmons, voice; Gordon Mumma, voice; Jean Rigg, electronics; Jean Rigg, voice; David Tudor, voice; David Tudor, organ; Gordon Mumma, cornet; Garrett List, trombone; Frederic Rzewski, piano; Takehisa Kosugi, violin; Takehisa Kosugi, voice; Takehisa Kosugi, electronics; Maryanne Amacher, electronics; Jon Gibson, flute; Jon Gibson, electronics; John Cage, conch shell; Paeder Mercier, conch shell; Mel Mercier, conch shell; John David Fullemann, foghorn; John David Fullemann, electronics; Martin Kalve, qin; Yoshiharu Suenobu, narrator; John King, electric prepared violin; Takehisa Kosugi, sitar; Takehisa Kosugi, percussion; Michael Pugliese, percussion; Michael Pugliese, electronics; David Tudor, percussion; Takehisa Kosugi; Michael Pugliese; David Tudor; Takehisa Kosugi, rain stick; David Tudor, rain stick; Michael Pugliese, rain stick; Michael Pugliese, piano; John D.S. Adams, rain stick; John King, dobro; John King, electronics; Stuart Dempster, garden hose; Stuart Dempster, conch shell; Chad Kirby, conch shell; Takehisa Kosugi, conch shell; Paul DeMarinis, laptop; Jim O'Rourke, laptop; Stuart Dempster, trombone; Takehisa Kosugi, electric violin; Christian Wolff, piano; Christian Wolff, melodica; Takehisa Kosugi, harmonica; Loren Dempster, cello; Orchestra del Teatro La Fenice; Arturo Tamayo, Conductor; John King, laptop; David Behrman, laptop; John King, electric guitar; John King, viola; Christian Wolff, prepared piano; David Behrman, zither; Stephen Moore, electronics; David Behrman, percussion; Fast Forward, steelpan; David Behrman, voice; Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone; Christian Marclay, turntables; James Woodrow, electric guitar; James Woodrow, electronics; Christian Wolff, percussion; David Behrman, violin; David Behrman, psaltery; George Lewis, trombone; George Lewis, laptop; Marina Rosenfeld, turntables; Marina Rosenfeld, electronics; Ikue Mori, laptop; Philip Selway, drum machine; Philip Selway, electronics; Rimbaud, Robin (aka Scanner), laptop; John Paul Jones, electric triple-neck mandolin; John Paul Jones, electronics; Stephen Montague, prepared piano; Stephen Montague, percussion; David Behrman, recorder; David Behrman, guitar; Christian Wolff, electric guitar; Brenda Hutchinson, long tube; Brenda Hutchinson, electronics; Brenda Hutchinson, voice; Robin Schulkowsky, percussion play
New Music for Electronic and Recorded Media: Women In Electronic Music - 1977 Annea Lockwood Laurie Spiegel, computer; Scott Johnson, guitar; Laurie Anderson, violin; Laurie Anderson, telephone; Megan Roberts, tape; Ruth Anderson, sine wave generator; Laurie Anderson; Laurie Spiegel, tape; Scott Johnson, organ; Pauline Oliveros, tape; Annea Lockwood, pre-recorded sound; Annea Lockwood, gong; Donald Buchla, frequency shifting; Allen Strange, Buchla music easel; Charles Amirkhanian, triangle; Electric Weasel Ensemble; David Morse, Buchla music easel; Brenda Hutchinson, pulse control; Stephen Ruppenthal, Buchla music easel play
New Music for Electronic And Recorded Media: Women in Electronic Music - 1977 Annea Lockwood Danny Sofer, drums; Laurie Anderson, violin; Laurie Anderson, voice; Brenda Hutchinson, pulse control; Scott Johnson, organ; Donald Buchla, frequency shifting; David Morese, music easel synthesizer; Allen Strange, music easel synthesizer; Stephen Ruppenthal, music easel synthesizer; William Novak, voice; Charles Amirkhanian, triangle; Scott Johnson, guitar; Phil Loarie, voice; Electric Weasel Ensemble play
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