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Donald Erb
Donald Erb: Drawing Down the Moon

Samuel Adler
Samuel Adler: Cantos for Solo Instruments

William Bolcom
William Bolcom: Symphony #4/Session 1
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Donald Erb: Drawing Down the Moon Donald Erb Stuart Dempster, trombone; Gary M. Ciepluch, Conductor; Ross Powell, clarinet; Jan Gippo, piccolo; Kirk Brundage, percussion; University Circle Wind Ensemble play
Samuel Adler: Cantos for Solo Instruments Samuel Adler Jan Gippo, piccolo; Thomas Stacy, English horn; Judith LeClair, bassoon; Franklin Cohen, clarinet; John Sampen, saxophone; David Bilger, trumpet; Charles Vernon, bass trombone; William VerMeulen, French horn play
William Bolcom: Symphony #4/Session 1 William Bolcom Leonard Slatkin, Conductor; Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra; Jan Gippo, piccolo; John Sant'Ambrogio, cello; Thomas Dumm, viola; George Berry, bassoon; Timothy Myers, trombone; Jacob Berg, flute; Richard O'Donnell, percussion; Jacob Berg, alto flute; Barbara Herr, English horn; Peter Bowman, oboe; Joan Morris, mezzo-soprano play
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