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Henry Burr Anthology

The Original King of Pop

Archeophone Records
1903 — Nov 1928

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play The Holy City 2:27 Frederic E. Weatherly; Stephen Adams [pseudonym of Michael Maybrick]    
Henry Burr, tenor
Circa 1903

play Come Down, Ma Evenin’ Star 2:19 Robert B. Smith; John Stromberg    
Henry Burr, tenor
Circa 1903

play Silver Threads Among the Gold 2:53 Eben E. Rexford; Hart Pease Danks    
Henry Burr, tenor
Circa 1903

play Loch Lomond 3:00 Traditional; ____ Lawson, arr.    
Henry Burr, tenor
Jan 1905

play In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree 2:07 Harry Williams; Egbert van Alstyne    
Mar 1905

play Love Me and the World Is Mine 2:31 Dave Reed; Ernest R. Ball    
Henry Burr, tenor
Circa 1906

play Mighty Lak’ a Rose 2:49 Frank Stanton; Ethelbert Nevin    
Henry Burr, tenor
Circa 1908

play Women 2:42 Adrian Ross; Franz Lehár    
from "The Merry Widow"
Feb 1908

play Shine on, Harvest Moon 2:07 Jack Norworth; Nora Bayes    
Circa 1909

play I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now 3:12 Will M. Hough; Frank R. Adams; Joseph E. Howard    
Henry Burr, tenor
Jun 1909

play I’ve Got the Time, I’ve Got the Place, But It’s Hard to Find the Girl 3:10 Ballard MacDonald; S. R. Henry    
Henry Burr, tenor
Aug 1910

play Last Night Was the End of the World 2:20 Andrew B. Sterling; Harry Von Tilzer    
Henry Burr, tenor
Apr 1913

play Peg O’ My Heart 3:31 Alfred Bryan; Fred Fischer    
Henry Burr, tenor
Aug 1913

play What Do You Mean, You Didn’t Want to Do It? 2:44 Walter Donaldson    
Feb 1914

play Everything Reminds Me of that Old Sweetheart of Mine 3:03 Billy Tracey; Al Harriman    
Jun 1914

play Stay Down Here Where You Belong 2:53 Irving Berlin    
Henry Burr, tenor
Jan 1915

play M–O–T–H–E–R (A Word That Means the World to Me) 3:16 Howard Johnson; Theodore Morse    
Henry Burr, tenor
Nov 1915

play America, Here’s My Boy! 2:50 Andrew B. Sterling; Arthur Lange    
play A Baby’s Prayer at Twilight (For Her Daddy Over There) 3:12 Sam Lewis; Joe Young; M. K. Jerome    
Henry Burr, tenor
Dec 1917

play Hush-A-Bye, Ma Baby (Missouri Waltz) 2:53 James Royce Shannon; Frederick Knight Logan    
Circa 1917

play When You and I Were Young Maggie 2:55 George W. Johnson; James A. Butterfield    
Henry Burr, tenor
Circa 1918

play I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles 3:03 Jaan Kenbrovin; John W. Kellette    
Jan 1919

play My Buddy 2:51 Gus Kahn; Walter Donaldson    
Henry Burr, tenor
Jul 1922

play I Wonder Where My Baby Is To-Night? 3:20 Gus Kahn; Walter Donaldson    
Dec 1925

play Always 3:23 Irving Berlin    
Henry Burr, tenor
Feb 1926

play Are You Lonesome To-Night? 3:29 Roy Turk; Roy Handman    
Henry Burr, tenor
Aug 1927

play Cross Roads 3:21 William Axt; David Mendoza; Ray Klages    
Theme Song from the Motion Picture "Show People"
Henry Burr, tenor
Nov 1928