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The Phonographic Yearbook: 1917

"Yankees to the Ranks"

Archeophone Records
Aug 1916 — Jul 1917

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play My Own Iona 3:03 L. Wolfe Gilbert; Anatol Friedland    
play For Me and My Gal 2:52 Edgar Leslie; E. Ray Goetz; George W. Meyer    
Mar 1917

play Over There 2:59 George M. Cohan    
play Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag (And Smile, Smile, Smile) 3:13 George Asaf [pseudonym of George H. Powell]; Felix Powell    
play Hush-a-Bye Ma Baby (The Missouri Waltz) 3:26 John V. Eppel; James Royce Shannon    
Dec 1916

play Lookout Mountain 2:50 Joe Goodwin; Halsey K. Mohr    
Apr 1917

play Lily of the Valley (A "Nut" Song) 2:51 L. Wolfe Gilbert; Anatol Friedland    
May 1917

play M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I 2:10 Harry Tierney    
Circa 1917

play Katinka-Medley 3:29 Rudolf Friml    
"Your Photo"-"Allah's Holiday"-"Rackety Coo"
Nov 1916

play I Ain't Got Nobody Much 3:30 Roger Graham; Spencer Williams    
Marion Harris
Aug 1916

play 'Till the Clouds Roll By 2:44 Guy Bolton; P. G. Wodehouse; Jerome Kern    
Mar 1917

play Good-Bye Broadway, Hello France 2:58 C. Francis Reisner; Benny Davis; Billy Baskette    
play Over There 2:46 George M. Cohan    
play Star Spangled Banner 2:48 John Stafford Smith; Francis Scott Key    
play I May Be Gone for a Long, Long Time 2:59 Lew Brown; Albert Von Tilzer    
play Indiana 3:10 Ballard MacDonald; James F. Hanley    
play Livery Stable Blues 3:08 Nick LaRocca; Ray Lopez; Alcide Nuñez    
play Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh! 2:49 Ed Rose; Abe Olman    
play Where Do We Go From Here? 2:59 Howard Johnson; Percy Wenrich    
play Joan of Arc 3:14 Alfred Bryan; Willie Weston; Jack Wells    
Henry Burr, tenor
May 1917

play Poor Butterfly 3:44 Raymond Hubbell    
NY Hippodrome Hits: "Poor Butterfly"-"Come on Down to Ragtime Town"-"The Hippodrome Street Parade"-"Poor Butterfly"
Dec 1916

play They're Wearing Them Higher in Hawaii 3:07 Joe Goodwin; Halsey K. Mohr    
Dec 1916

play What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For? 3:10 Joseph McCarthy; Howard Johnson; James V. Monaco    
Jan 1917

play They Go Wild, Simply Wild, Over Me 3:11 Joseph McCarthy; Fred Fischer    
Marion Harris
Jun 1917

play Over There 2:55 George M. Cohan    
Nora Bayes, soprano
Jul 1917