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Anne LeBaron
Anne LeBaron: Rana, Ritual & Revelations

Anne LeBaron
Musical Railism of Anne LeBaron
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Anne LeBaron: Rana, Ritual & Revelations Anne LeBaron Anne LeBaron, tape; George Cartwright; William Trigg, tape; David Shea, baritone; George Cartwright, tenor saxophone; Jim Staley, trombone; Anne LeBaron, Conductor; Evelyn Elsing, cello; Hamao Fujiwara, violin; Theater Chamber Players of Kennedy Center; Masao Kawasaki, viola; Anne LeBaron, harp; Nina Kellman, harp; Frank Cassara, percussion; William Trigg, percussion; Claire Heldrich, Conductor; Michael Pugliese, percussion; Paul Guerguerian, percussion; Robert Yamins, clarinet; Allen Shearer, baritone; New Music Consort; Linda Bouchard, Conductor; Madeleine Shapiro, cello play
Musical Railism of Anne LeBaron Anne LeBaron Judith Pearce, flute; Anne LeBaron, electric harp; Anne LeBaron, electronics; Anne LeBaron, tape; John Beck, percussion; Kwang-wu Kim, piano; Theater Chamber Players of Kennedy Center; Penelope Fischer, flute; Jeannette Walter, soprano; Leon Fleisher, Conductor; Albert Merz, percussion; Edward Walters, clarinet; Edward Walters, bass clarinet; Penelope Fischer, piccolo; Christopher Oldfather, piano; New Music Consort; Veronica Salas, viola; Madeleine Shapiro, cello; Mary Rowell, violin; Claire Heidrich, Conductor; Hugh Panero, tenor; Thomas Barker, drums; Louise Cloutier, mezzo-soprano; Lawrence Hamilton, baritone; Myra Melford, keyboards; Fred Hopkins, bass; Davey Williams, guitar; Frank London, trumpet; Marcus Rojas, tuba; Anne LeBaron, Conductor; Anne LeBaron, prepared harp play
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