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Craig Shepard
Craig Shepard: On Foot: Brooklyn

Stephen Foster
Stephen Foster Songs
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Craig Shepard: On Foot: Brooklyn Craig Shepard Craig Shepard, field recording; Katie Porter, clarinet; Devin Maxwell, snare drum; Devin Maxwell, glockenspiel; Jack Callahan, melodica; Jack Callahan, triangle; Erik Carlson, violin; Nick Didkovsky, electric guitar; Dan Joseph, dulcimer; Larry Polansky, electric guitar; Mathew Schumer, baritone saxophone; Kristen McKeon, alto saxophone; Erin Rogers, tenor saxophone; Jack Callahan, bottles play
Gustavo Aguilar: Unsettled on an Old Sense of Place Gustavo Aguilar Gustavo Aguilar, teponaztli; Gustavo Aguilar, flute; Gustavo Aguilar, electronics; Phil Curtis, electronic processing; Nina Eidsheim, voice; Anne LeBaron, prepared harp; Mary Oliver, viola; Gustavo Aguilar, electric guitar; Gustavo Aguilar, dulcimer; Gustavo Aguilar, whistles; Gustavo Aguilar, percussion; Alan Lechusza, woodwinds; Gustavo Aguilar, snare drum; Gustavo Aguilar, live electronics; Gustavo Aguilar, glockenspiel; Steven Schick, voice play
Stephen Foster Songs Stephen Foster Linda Russell, alto; Ridley Enslow, fiddle; John Van Buskirk, fortepiano; Frederick Urrey, tenor; Steve Schneider, harmonica; Steve Schneider, recorder; Steve Schneider, dulcimer; Steve Schneider, accordion; Julianne Baird, soprano; Linda Russell, dulcimer play
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