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Warren Smith
Warren Smith: Dragon Dave Meets Prince Black Knight from the Darkside of the Moon
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Gustavo Aguilar: Unsettled on an Old Sense of Place Gustavo Aguilar Gustavo Aguilar, teponaztli; Gustavo Aguilar, flute; Gustavo Aguilar, electronics; Phil Curtis, electronic processing; Nina Eidsheim, voice; Anne LeBaron, prepared harp; Mary Oliver, viola; Gustavo Aguilar, electric guitar; Gustavo Aguilar, dulcimer; Gustavo Aguilar, whistles; Gustavo Aguilar, percussion; Alan Lechusza, woodwinds; Gustavo Aguilar, snare drum; Gustavo Aguilar, live electronics; Gustavo Aguilar, glockenspiel; Steven Schick, voice play
Jeff Kaiser: Nothing Is Not Breath – Music for Double Quartet Jeff Kaiser Jeff Kaiser, trumpet; Jeff Kaiser, pump organ; Michael Vlatkovich, trombone; Vinny Golia, alto flute; Vinny Golia, bass clarinet; Vinny Golia, sopranino saxophone; Vinny Golia, bass saxophone; Gene Doi, flute; Gene Doi, clarinet; Gene Doi, soprano saxophone; Gene Doi, tenor saxophone; Jim Connolly, contrabass; Hannes Giger, contrabass; Rich West, drums; Rich West, phonograph; Rich West, toys; Rich West, whistles; Brad Dutz, marimba; Brad Dutz, glass marimba; Brad Dutz, bodhran; Brad Dutz, bones; Brad Dutz, timpani; Brad Dutz, metal rattles; Brad Dutz, chimes; Brad Dutz, gong play
soNu: sounds from the source Wadada Leo Smith SoNu; Alan Lechusza, piccolo; Alan Lechusza, flute; Alan Lechusza, alto flute; Alan Lechusza, cedar flutes; Alan Lechusza, chinese flutes; Alan Lechusza, thai flutes; Alan Lechusza, oboe; Alan Lechusza, shehnai; Alan Lechusza, clarinets; Alan Lechusza, contra-alto clarinet; Alan Lechusza, alto saxophone; Alan Lechusza, tenor saxophone; Alan Lechusza, baritone saxophone; Alan Lechusza, tape recorder; Alan Lechusza, voice; Gustavo Aguilar, drums; Gustavo Aguilar, bells; Gustavo Aguilar, water jar; Gustavo Aguilar, cans; Gustavo Aguilar, mbira; Gustavo Aguilar, toy piano; Gustavo Aguilar, gongs; Gustavo Aguilar, crotales; Gustavo Aguilar, concert bass drum; Gustavo Aguilar, roto-toms; Gustavo Aguilar, concert toms; Gustavo Aguilar, tympani; Gustavo Aguilar, drum machine; Gustavo Aguilar, percussion; Gustavo Aguilar, wood blocks; Gustavo Aguilar, whistles; Gustavo Aguilar, bicycle horns; Gustavo Aguilar, harmonica; Gustavo Aguilar, tape recorder; Gustavo Aguilar, voice; Nina Eidsheim, voice; Nina Eidsheim, tape recorder; Nina Eidsheim, electronics; Phil Curtis, electronics; Phil Curtis, sampled guitar; Phil Curtis, voice; Vinny Golia, subcontrabass flute; Vinny Golia, flute; Vinny Golia, tubax; Vinny Golia, sopranino saxophone; Arash Haile, voice play
Warren Smith: Dragon Dave Meets Prince Black Knight from the Darkside of the Moon Warren Smith Kalaparusha Difda, bass clarinet; Kalaparusha Difda, tenor saxophone; George Barrow, bass clarinet; George Barrow, piccolo; George Barrow, tenor saxophone; Noel Scott, alto saxophone; Noel Scott, baritone saxophone; Courtney Wynter, soprano saxophone; Courtney Wynter, tenor saxophone; Courtney Wynter, clarinet; Courtney Wynter, flute; Vincent Chauncey, French horn; Jack Jeffers, bass trombone; Jack Jeffers, tuba; Jack Jeffers, trombone; Craig Harris, trombone; Bross Townsend, piano; Bross Townsend, Fender-Rhodes piano; David Moore, bass; David Moore, electric bass; Kenyatte Abdur-Rahman, percussion; Kenyatte Abdur-Rahman, vibraphone; Warren Smith, marimba; Warren Smith, tympani; Warren Smith, whistles; Jack Jeffers, voice; Kalaparusha Difda, voice; Warren Smith, voice; Craig Harris, voice; David Moore, voice play
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