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Henry Cowell
Gay American Composers, Vol. 2

Jonathan Berger
Night Chains – Electronic Cello

Tim Perkis
Rotodoti: Tarzan Speaks
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Gay American Composers, Vol. 2 Henry Cowell David Reid, voice; Jeffrey Krieger, electronic cello; Henry Cowell, piano; Gate Five Ensemble of the University of Illinois; Danlee Mitchell, cloud chamber bowls; Danlee Mitchell, boo; Dick Schleppe, alto saxophone; David Reid, baritone saxophone; Harry Partch, diamond marimba; Zola Shaulis, piano; Brooklyn Philharmonic; Michael Barrett, piano; Lukas Foss, Conductor; Carroll Glenn, violin; Hilde Somer, piano; New Hampshire Symphony Orchestra; James Bolle, Conductor; New Music Quartet; Broadus Erle, violin; Matthew Raimondi, violin; Walter Trampler, viola; Claus Adam, cello; Jeffrey Krieger, electric cello; Alwin Nikolais, electronics; Maro Ajemian, prepared piano play
Night Chains – Electronic Cello Jonathan Berger Jeffrey Krieger, electronic cello play
Rotodoti: Tarzan Speaks Tim Perkis Doug Carroll, electronic cello; Tim Perkis, electronics; Rotodoti; Mike Knapp, bass; Tom Nunn, sound sculptures; Ron Heglin, voice; Ron Heglin, trombone play
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