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George Gershwin
Michael Lowenstern: Spasm
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John Cage Edition, Vol. 15: The Lost Works John Cage Charles Wood, tom-tom; Paul Schmidt, voice; Eric Kivnick, voice; Melissa Gardner, voice; Jerome Kitzke, voice; Joy Cutler, voice; Alice Hom, voice; David Avidor, voice; Louis Meader, voice; Don Gillespie, voice; Rozella Floranz, voice; Charles Wood, voice; Brian Brandt, voice; Judith Gordon, hand claps; Charles Wood, whistling; Judith Gordon, piano; Charles Wood, washtub; John Kennedy, whistling; John Kennedy, hand claps; Charles Wood, hand claps; John Kennedy, snare drum; John Kennedy, voice; Rafael Mostel, voice play
Michael Lowenstern: Spasm George Gershwin Heather Barringer, human percussion; Ed Lowenstern, vocal samples; Mark Edward Gibbons, vocal samples; Michael Lowenstern, bass clarinet; Michael Lowenstern, vocal samples; Jerome Kitzke, human percussion; Jerome Kitzke, vocal samples; Heather Barringer, voice; Jay Johnson, voice; Tom Linker, human percussion; Jay Johnson, human percussion; Matt Lambiase, vocal samples; Tom Linker, voice play
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