Come Josephine in My Flying Machine: Inventions and Topics in Popular Songs 1910-1929

New World Records

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This album is not approved for streaming, but some tracks are available as samples.
play Oceana Roll 2:49 Roger Lewis; Lucien Denni    
Eddie Morton, voice

play Hello, Frisco 3:21 Louis A. Hirsch; Gene Buck    

play The Girl on the Magazine Cover 3:16 Irving Berlin    
Harry MacDonough, voice

play On the 5:15 2:53 Henry I. Marshall; Stanley Murphy    
American Quartet

play He'd Have to Get Under, Get Out and Get Under (to 3:06 Grant Clarke; Edgar Leslie; Maurice Abrahams    
Will Halley, voice

play Come, Josephine, in My Flying Machine 2:40 Alfred Bryan; Fred Fischer    
Blanche Ring, voice

play Take Your Girlie to the Movies 2:44 Edgar Leslie; Pete Wendling; Bert Kalmar    
Billy Murray, voice

play Everybody Wants a Key to My Cellar 2:38 Ed Rose; Billy Baskette; Lew Pollack    
Bert Williams, voice

play The Argentines, the Portuguese and the Greeks 2:57 Carey Morgan; Arthur M. Swanstrom    
Nora Bayes, voice

play Mr. Radio Man (Tell My Mammy to Come Back Home) 3:17 Ira Schuster; Johnny White; Cliff Friend    
play Alabamy Bound 2:52 Buddy DeSylva; Bud Green; Ray Henderson    
Blosson Seeley, voice

play All Alone 3:10 Irving Berlin    
Lewis James, voice

play The Little White House (at the End of Honymoon Ln) 2:59 James F. Hanley; Eddie Dowling    
play Lindbergh (the Eagle of the U.S.A.) 3:25 Al Sherman; Howard Johnson    
Vernon Dalhart, voice

play Henry's Made a Lady out of Lizzie 3:07 Walter O'Keefe    
Happiness Boys

play If I Had a Talking Picture of You 3:07 Bud Green; Ray Henderson    
Belle Baker