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Jack Norworth
Phonographic Yearbook: 1909

Irving Berlin
The Phonographic Yearbook: 1911
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Come Josephine in My Flying Machine: Inventions and Topics in Popular Songs 1910-1929 Grant Clarke Lewis James, voice; Isham Jones and His Orchestra; Vernon Dalhart, voice; Bert Williams, voice; Howard Lanin and his Orchestra; Nora Bayes, voice; Harris, Frank [pseudonym of Irving Kaufman], voice; Al Jolson, voice; Belle Baker; Will Halley, voice; Billy Murray, voice; Blanche Ring, voice; American Quartet; Harry MacDonough, voice; Eddie Morton, voice; Sam Ash, voice; Elida Morris, voice; Happiness Boys; Blosson Seeley, voice play
Phonographic Yearbook: 1909 "Talk of Your Scand'lous Times" Jack Norworth Elise Stevenson, soprano; Frank C. Stanley, bass; Arthur Collins, baritone; Byron G. Harlan, tenor; Miss Walton, soprano; Harry MacDonough, tenor; Harold Jarvis, tenor; Ada Jones, soprano; Blanche Ring; Will Oakland, countertenor; Billy Murray, tenor; Henry Burr, tenor; The Sousa Band; Victor Light Opera Company; Harry Lauder; Columbia Quartette; Albert Campbell, tenor; Arthur Collins, baritone; Clarice Vance; Eddie Morton, baritone; Harry Tally, tenor; Haydn Quartet; John Bieling, tenor; S. H. Dudley, baritone; William F. Hooley, bass play
The Phonographic Yearbook: 1911 "Up, Up a Little Bit Higher" Irving Berlin Arthur Collins, baritone; Byron G. Harlan, tenor; Ada Jones, soprano; American Quartet; Billy Murray, tenor; John Bieling, tenor; Steve Porter, baritone; William F. Hooley, bass; Albert Campbell, tenor; Henry Burr, tenor; Will Oakland, countertenor; John McCormack, tenor; Walter Van Brunt, tenor; Elise Stevenson, soprano; Lucy Isabelle Marsh, soprano; Gene Greene, baritone; Edward Meeker; Eddie Morton, baritone; Elida Morris; Brunswick Quartette; Arthur C. Clough, tenor; Peerless Quartet; Arthur Collins, baritone; John Meyer, bass; Blanche Ring; Sophie Tucker; Columbia Quartette play
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