The Phonographic Yearbook: 1913

"Come and See the Big Parade"

Archeophone Records
Sep 1912 — Jan 2013

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play Till the Sands of the Desert Grow Cold 4:02 George Graff, Jr.; Ernest R. Ball    
Alan Turner, baritone
Sep 1912

play Row! Row! Row! 2:54 William Jerome; James V. Monaco    
from "Follies of 1912"
Ada Jones, soprano
Nov 1912

play When the Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves for Alabam' 2:22 Irving Berlin    
Nov 1912

play There's a Girl in the Heart of Maryland 3:01 Ballard MacDonald; Harry Carroll    
Jun 1913

play That Old Girl of Mine 2:50 Earl C. Jones; Egbert van Alstyne    
play The Spaniard that Blighted My Life 2:50 Billy Merson    
from "Honeymoon Express"
Al Jolson, tenor
Mar 1913

play Fo' de Lawd's Sake Play a Waltz 3:06 Elsie Janis    
Elsie Janis
Oct 1912

play Sympathy 2:54 Otto Harbach; Rudolf Friml    
from "The Firefly"
Jul 1913

play When Irish Eyes Are Smiling 3:33 Ernest R. Ball; Chauncey Olcott    
Chauncey Olcott, tenor
Feb 1913

play When I Lost You 3:04 Irving Berlin    
Henry Burr, tenor
Jan 2013

play Bagdad 2:43 James O'Dea; Victor Herbert    
from "Lady of the Slipper"
Billy Murray, tenor
Nov 1912

play Too Much Mustard 3:19 Cecil Macklin    
Prince's Band
Feb 1913

play Woodman, Spare that Tree 3:05 Irving Berlin    
Bert Williams, baritone
Jan 1913

play The Trail of the Lonesome Pine 2:52 Ballard MacDonald; Harry Carroll    
Mar 1913

play Melinda's Wedding Day 3:51 Al Piantadosi; Joe Goodwin; Joseph McCarthy    
Circa 1913

play My Little Persian Rose 3:07 Edgar Allan Woolf; Anatole Friedland    
play Pullman Porters' Parade 2:50 Maurice Abrahams; Ren G. May [pseudonym of Irving Berlin]    
Al Jolson, tenor
Jun 1913

play Sailing Down the Chesapeake Bay 2:34 Jean Havez; George Botsford    
play Last Night Was the End of the World 2:20 Andrew B. Sterling; Harry Von Tilzer    
Henry Burr, tenor
Apr 1913

play Peg O'My Heart 3:25 Alfred Bryan; Fred Fischer    
Jul 1913

play Snookey Ookums 3:01 Irving Berlin    
Billy Murray, tenor
Feb 1913

play When It's Apple Blossom Time in Normandy 3:13 Tom Mellor; Harry Gifford; Huntley Trevor    
from Weber and Fields Music Hall Production
Dec 1912

play Good-bye Summer! So Long Fall! Hello Winter Time! 3:11 Percy Wenrich    
play You Made Me Love You 3:08 James V. Monaco; Joseph McCarthy    
Al Jolson, tenor
Jun 1913