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Robert Browne Hall
The Golden Age of the American March

Victor Herbert
I Wants To Be A Actor Lady And Other Hits From Early Musical Comedies

Jerome Kern
Jerome Kern: Sally

J. Rosamond Johnson
Moonlight Bay: Bolcom & Morris

Rudolf Friml
Overtures and Entr'actes

Irving Berlin
The Phonographic Yearbook: 1911
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"...and then we wrote..." American Composers and Lyricists Sing, Play and Cover Their Own Songs Dorothy Fields Beatrice Lillie, voice; The Pied Pipers; Richard Rodgers, piano; Harold Rome, voice; Thomas "Fats" Waller, piano; W.C. Handy's Orchestra; Spike Jones, drums; George Gershwin, piano; Artie Bernstein, bass; Stephen Sondheim, voice; Cy Coleman, voice; Stephen Sondheim, piano; Victor Herbert and His Orchestra; Gene Kardos and His Orchestra; Joe Howard, voice; The Jungle Band; Johnny Mercer, voice; Cole Porter, piano; Cole Porter, voice; Harold Arlen, voice; Paul Weston and His Orchestra; Vincent Youmans, piano; Mary Martin, voice; Hoagy Carmichael, voice; Hoagy Carmichael, whistling; Hoagy Carmichael, piano; Harold Rome, piano play
The Golden Age of the American March Robert Browne Hall Ainslee Cox, Conductor; Richard Franko Goldman, Conductor; Goldman Band play
I Wants To Be A Actor Lady And Other Hits From Early Musical Comedies Victor Herbert Cincinnati's University Singers and Theater Orchestra play
Jerome Kern: Sally Jerome Kern Light Opera of New York Orchestra; Gerald Steichen, Conductor; Emma Grimsley; Alex Corson; Bryan Elsesser; Adam Cannedy; Claire Kuttler; Richard Holmes; Natalie Ballenger; Rachel Braunstein play
Moonlight Bay: Bolcom & Morris J. Rosamond Johnson Joan Morris, mezzo-soprano; William Bolcom, piano play
Overtures and Entr'actes Rudolf Friml J. Lynn Thompson, Conductor; Steven Byess, Conductor; Ohio Light Opera Orchestra; Jason Altieri, Conductor play
The Phonographic Yearbook: 1907 "Dear Old Golden Rule Days" Franz Lehár Byron G. Harlan, tenor; Ada Jones, soprano; Billy Murray, tenor; Frank C. Stanley, baritone; Henry Burr, tenor; Arthur Collins, baritone; U.S. Marine Band; Enrico Caruso, tenor; Elise Stevenson, soprano; Harry MacDonough, tenor; Harry Lauder; Helen Trix, soprano; Victor Dance Orchestra; Bob Roberts, baritone; Columbia Quartette; Albert Campbell, tenor; Steve Porter, baritone; Frank C. Stanley, bass; The Peerless Trio; Bert Williams, baritone; May Irwin play
The Phonographic Yearbook: 1911 "Up, Up a Little Bit Higher" Irving Berlin Arthur Collins, baritone; Byron G. Harlan, tenor; Ada Jones, soprano; American Quartet; Billy Murray, tenor; John Bieling, tenor; Steve Porter, baritone; William F. Hooley, bass; Albert Campbell, tenor; Henry Burr, tenor; Will Oakland, countertenor; John McCormack, tenor; Walter Van Brunt, tenor; Elise Stevenson, soprano; Lucy Isabelle Marsh, soprano; Gene Greene, baritone; Edward Meeker; Eddie Morton, baritone; Elida Morris; Brunswick Quartette; Arthur C. Clough, tenor; Peerless Quartet; Arthur Collins, baritone; John Meyer, bass; Blanche Ring; Sophie Tucker; Columbia Quartette play
The Phonographic Yearbook: 1913 "Come and See the Big Parade" George Graff, Jr. Alan Turner, baritone; Ada Jones, soprano; Arthur Collins, baritone; Byron G. Harlan, tenor; Henry Burr, tenor; Edgar Stoddard, baritone; American Quartet; Billy Murray, tenor; John Bieling, tenor; Steve Porter, baritone; William F. Hooley, bass; Al Jolson, tenor; Elsie Janis; Helen Clark, soprano; Walter Van Brunt, tenor; Chauncey Olcott, tenor; Prince's Band; Bert Williams, baritone; Albert Campbell, tenor; Peerless Quartet; John Meyer, bass; Charles W. Harrison, tenor; Marguerite Dunlap, contralto; Harry MacDonough, tenor play
Six Brown Brothers: Broadway's Favorite Clowns George F. Root Tom Brown, alto saxophone; Five Brown Brothers; The Six Brown Brothers; Fred Allen (Pseudonym of Fred Brown), saxophone; Fred Brown, saxophone play
Toward an American Opera Victor Herbert Leonard Bernstein, Conductor; Norman Treigle, bass; Chorus of the High School of Music & Art; Joy Clements, soprano; Richard Fredricks, baritone; Wilfred Pelletier, Conductor; Richard Cassily, tenor; Claramae Turner, mezzo-soprano; Metropolitan Opera Orchestra; New York Philharmonic; Patricia Neway, soprano; Giulio Setti, Conductor; Metropolitan Opera Chorus and Orchestra; Lawrence Tibbett, baritone; John McCormack, tenor; Alma Gluck, soprano play
Victor Herbert: Collected Songs Victor Herbert Margaret Jane Wray, soprano; William Hicks, piano; Jonathan Michie, baritone; Marnie Breckenridge, soprano; Rosalie Sullivan, mezzo-soprano; Korliss Uecker, soprano; Valerian Ruminski, bass; Dillon McCartney, tenor; Jeanne Lehman, mezzo-soprano; George Dvorsky, baritone; Rebecca Luker, soprano; Zachary Stains, tenor; Daniel Marcus, tenor; Ron Raines, baritone; Laura Daniels; Maeve Höglund; Elizabeth Inghram; Irene Snyder; Sara Jean Ford, soprano; Aaron Lazar, baritone; Jason Bratton; Christopher Cazwell; Chris Carfizzi; David Winkworth; Steven LaBrie, baritone play
Victor Herbert: Eileen Victor Herbert Orchestra of Ireland; David Brophy, Conductor; Andrew Ashwin, baritone; Aine Mulvey, mezzo-soprano; Dean Power, tenor; Rachel Kelly, mezzo-soprano; Karl Harpur; Eamonn Mulhall, tenor; Lynda Lee, soprano; Mary O'Sullivan, soprano; Joe Corbett, baritone; Philip O'Reilly, bass; Dublin Boy Choristers of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral play
Victor Herbert: Mlle. Modiste Victor Herbert Julie Wright, voice; Jon Gerhard, voice; Ashly Evans, voice; Ohio Light Opera; Todd Strange, voice; Michael Borowitz, Conductor; Jacob Allen, voice; Boyd Mackus, voice; Eve Hehn, voice; Dennis Jesse, voice; Cory Clines, voice; Allison Toth, voice; Cecily Ellis, voice; Jessie Wright Martin, voice; Sara Ann Mitchell, voice play
Victor Herbert: Naughty Marietta Victor Herbert Ohio Light Opera; Steven Byess, Conductor; Suzanne Woods, soprano; John Pickle, tenor; Ted Christopher, baritone; Ann Marie Wilcox, mezzo-soprano play
Victor Herbert: Sweethearts Victor Herbert Derek Parks, voice; Justin Legris, voice; Grant Knox, voice; Randall Umstead, voice; Arlene Simmonds, voice; Betha Curtis, voice; Candice Coffey, voice; Aline Carnes, voice; Sahara Glasener, voice; Sandra Ross, voice; Jonathan Stinson, voice; Patrick Howle, voice; Ben Smith, voice; John Pickle, voice; Robin Bricker, voice; Cassidy King, voice; Alta Boover, voice; Suzanne Woods, voice; J. Lynn Thompson, Conductor; Ohio Light Opera play
Victor Herbert: The Fortune Teller Victor Herbert Ohio Light Opera; Steven Byess, Conductor; Gary Moss, voice; Jacob Allen, voice; Natalie Ballenger, voice; Madeline Piscetta, voice; Logan Walsh, voice; Ann Maples, voice; Stephen Faulk, voice; David Kelleher-Flight, voice; Geoffrey Kannenberg, voice; Max Nolin, voice; Sarah Best, voice; Lori Birrer, voice; Elisa Matthews, voice; Geoffrey Penar, voice play
Victor Herbert: The Only Girl Victor Herbert Light Opera of New York Orchestra; Gerald Steichen, Conductor; Natallie Ballenger; Ian McEuen; Adam Cannedy; Cameron Smith; Kyle Erdos-Knapp; Antoni Mendezona; Sarah Best; Sarah Mossman play
Victor Herbert: The Red Mill Victor Herbert Ohio Light Opera; J. Lynn Thompson, Conductor play
Victor Herbert: Works for Cello and Piano/Solo Piano Works Victor Herbert Jerry Grossman, cello; William Hicks, piano play
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