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Walter Piston
American Music for Cello

Arthur Foote
American Romantics

Stephen Foster
American Romantics II

Arthur Farwell
Amy Beach and Arthur Foote: Violin Sonatas

David Diamond

Arthur Foote
From The Hudson Valley
albums (11) works (10) tracks (46)
title composer artists/ensemble play
American Music for Cello Walter Piston National Gallery Orchestra; Kevin Noe, Conductor; University of Texas Orchestra; Robert Freeman, piano; Luis Leguia, cello; Richard Bales, Conductor play
American Romantics Turn of the Century Works for String Orchestra Carl Busch Gowanus Arts Ensemble; Reuben Blundell, Conductor play
American Romantics Arthur Foote Sarah Johnson, violin; Peter Kairoff, piano play
American Romantics II Stephen Foster Gowanus Arts Ensemble; Orlando Wells, violin; Keats Dieffenbach, violin; Heather Frank-Olsen, violin; Yuiko Kamakari, violin; Una Tone, violin; Margaret Dyer Harris, viola; Beth Meyers, viola; Julian Schwarz, cello; Jeanette Stenson, cello; Rick Ostrovsky, bass; Reuben Blundell, Conductor play
Amy Beach and Arthur Foote: Violin Sonatas Arthur Farwell Peter Basquin, piano; John Miner, Conductor; Joseph Silverstein; Gilbert Kalish; New World Singers play
Foote/Orrego-Salas/Diamond David Diamond Fred Sherry, cello; Judith Yanchus, violin; Janos Scholz, cello; Kees Kooper, violin; Mary Louise Boehm, piano; Richard Maximoff, viola; Paul Doktor, viola; David Gilbert, flute; Alvin Rogers, violin; Arthur Bloom, clarinet play
From The Hudson Valley Arthur Foote Scott Brubaker, French horn; Ron Levy, piano; Hudson Strings; Margaret Swinchoski, flute; JoAnn Falletta, Conductor play
Love, The Fair Day Songs & Duets from The Second New England School Arthur Foote Rebecca Sherburn, soprano; Kimberly James, mezzo-soprano; Louise Thomas, piano; Tod Fitzpatrick, baritone; Wei-Wei Le, violin play
Paul Sperry: Songs of an Innocent Age John Alden Carpenter Paul Sperry, tenor; Irma Vallecillo, piano play
Skyscrapers Arthur Foote London Symphony Orchestra; Kenneth Klein, Conductor play
The Violin Music of Arthur Foote Arthur Foote Eric Larsen, piano; Kevin Lawrence, violin play
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