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Jerré Tanner
Boy With Goldfish

Charlie Louvin Sings Murder Ballads And Disaster Songs

Ron Nagorcka
Ron Nagorcka: Atom Bomb Becomes Folk Art
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Boy With Goldfish Jerré Tanner Lee Holdridge, Conductor; Leon Siu, guitar; Leon Siu, vocal solo; Nigel Brooks Chorale; London Symphony Orchestra; Timothy Farrell, pipe organ; Malia Elliott, vocal solo; Nigel Brooks, Conductor play
Charlie Louvin Sings Murder Ballads And Disaster Songs Traditional Charlie Louvin, voice; Billy Contreras, violin; Matt Allen, pipe organ; William Tyler, guitar; Ben Hall, guitar; Chris Scruggs, pedal steel guitar; Pete Cummings, bass; Ben Martin, drums; Ben Hall, voice; Chris Scruggs, voice; Andrew Bird, violin play
Ron Nagorcka: Atom Bomb Becomes Folk Art Ron Nagorcka Golden Fur; Samuel Dunscombe, cassette tape recorder; Samuel Dunscombe, toy instruments; Judith Hamann, cassette tape recorder; Judith Hamann, toy instruments; James Rushford, cassette tape recorder; James Rushford, toy instruments; Graham Cox, pipe organ; Ron Nagorcka, pipe organ; Ron Nagorcka, tape; Ron Nagorcka, pianoforte; Liza Lim, violin; Ron Nagorcka, clavichord; Ron Nagorcka, didjeridu; Ron Nagorcka, electronics; Monte Mumford, Conductor; Larry Polansky, fretless guitar; Larry Polansky, mandolin; Joe Cook, trombone; Jennie MacDonald, flute; Jennie MacDonald, piccolo; Karlin Love, clarinet; Karlin Love, bass clarinet; Ron Nagorcka, MIDI keyboard; Simon Reade, Conductor; Melissa Chominsky, cello; Ole Jorgen Melhus, trombone; Ron Nagorcka, keyboard; Hans Meijer, keyboard; David Scott Hamnes, pipe organ play
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