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Paul Dresher
Paul Dresher/Ned Rothenberg - Opposites Attract
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Catalyst: The Complete Recordings Vol. 1 Odean Pope Odean Pope, oboe; Sherman Ferguson, drums; Ron Baker, bass; Eddie Green, piano; Pat Gleason, ARP synthesizer; Norman Harris, percussion; Odean Pope, tenor saxophone; Eddie Green, Fender-Rhodes piano; Larry Washington, percussion; Sherman Ferguson, percussion; Norman Harris, guitar; Odean Pope, flute; Billy Hart, percussion; Eddie Green, electric piano; Morris Bailey, voice; Anthony Jackson, bass; Al Johnson, bass; Eddie Green, voice; Tyrone Brown, electric bass play
Paul Dresher/Ned Rothenberg - Opposites Attract Paul Dresher Paul Dresher, sequencer; Paul Dresher, sampled sounds; Anthony Jackson, electric bass guitar; Paul Dresher, guitar; Samm Bennett, drums; Gene Reffkin, hi-hat; Paul Dresher, electronic processing; Ned Rothenberg, shakuhachi; Samm Bennett, octoban; Ned Rothenberg, sampled sounds; Samm Bennett, electronic percussion; Mark Dresser; Samm Bennett, shakers; Bobby Previte, drums; Ned Rothenberg, sequencer; Gene Reffkin, electronic percussion; Ned Rothenberg, tenor saxophone; Ned Rothenberg, bass clarinet; Ned Rothenberg, alto saxophone; Paul Dresher, loops; Samm Bennett, cymbals; Mark Dresser, bass play
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