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Marty Ehrlich
Marty Ehrlich: A Trumpet in the Morning

Myra Melford
Myra Melford's Be Bread: The Whole Tree Gone
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Halvorson/Knuffke/Wilson: Sifter Kirk Knuffke Kirk Knuffke, cornet; Matt Wilson, drums; Mary Halvorson, guitar play
Marty Ehrlich: A Trumpet in the Morning Marty Ehrlich Marty Ehrlich Large Ensemble; Marty Ehrlich, Conductor; Andy Laster, alto saxophone; Robert DeBellis, saxophone; Robert DeBellis, clarinet; E. J. Allen, trumpet; Ron Horton, trumpet; James Zollar, trumpet; Ray Anderson, trombone; Michael Dessen, trombone; J. D. Parran, saxophone; Jason Robinson, tenor saxophone; Howard Johnson, baritone saxophone; Joseph Daley, tuba; James Weidman, piano; Brad Jones, bass; Eric McPherson, drums; J. D. Parran, narrator; Curtis Fowlkes, trombone; Adam Kolker, tenor saxophone; Lisa Parrott, baritone saxophone; John Clark, horn; Uri Caine, piano; Drew Gress, bass; Matt Wilson, drums; Jerome Harris, guitar; Marty Ehrlich, clarinet; Warren Smith, percussion; Miki Hirose, trumpet play
Myra Melford's Be Bread: The Whole Tree Gone Myra Melford Matt Wilson, drums; Ben Goldberg, clarinet; Myra Melford's Be Bread; Brandon Ross, guitar; Stomu Takeishi, acoustic bass guitar; Brandon Ross, soprano guitar; Ben Goldberg, contra-alto clarinet; Cuong Vu, trumpet; Myra Melford, piano play
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