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Bill Dixon
Bill Dixon: Tapestries for Small Orchestra

Giuseppi Logan
Giuseppi Logan: The Giuseppi Logan Quintet

Harry Partch
The Harry Partch Collection, Volume 4

Marty Ehrlich
Marty Ehrlich: A Trumpet in the Morning

Odean Pope
Odean Pope: Universal Sounds

Michael Bisio
Old Dog: By Any Other Name
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Bill Dixon: Tapestries for Small Orchestra Bill Dixon Bill Dixon, trumpet; Michel Côté, contrabass clarinet; Graham Haynes, electronics; Warren Smith, drums; Michel Côté, bass clarinet; Ken Filiano, double bass; Warren Smith, gongs; Stephen Haynes, cornet; Warren Smith, tympani; Warren Smith, vibraphone; Taylor Ho Bynum, piccolo trumpet; Stephen Haynes, flugelhorn; Warren Smith, marimba; Bill Dixon, electronics; Taylor Ho Bynum, bass trumpet; Ken Filiano, electronics; Stephen Haynes, trumpet; Rob Mazurek, cornet; Taylor Ho Bynum, flugelhorn; Taylor Ho Bynum, cornet; Glynis Lomon, violoncello; Graham Haynes, cornet; Rob Mazurek, electronics; Graham Haynes, flugelhorn play
Giuseppi Logan: The Giuseppi Logan Quintet Giuseppi Logan Dave Burrell, piano; Francois Grillot, bass; Matt Lavelle, trumpet; Matt Lavelle, bass clarinet; Giuseppi Logan, saxophone; Warren Smith, drums; Giuseppi Logan, piano; Giuseppi Logan, voice play
The Harry Partch Collection, Volume 4 Harry Partch Thomas Gauger, bamboo marimba; Sanford Berry; William Olson, marimba eroica; Carol Zuckerberg, koto; Joseph Firrantello, bass clarinet; William Olson; Herbert Bielawa; Danlee Mitchell, diamond marimba; Jan Bach; Barbara Grammar, harmonic canon; Warren Birkett, clarinet; Warren Smith, bass marimba; Charles Delaney, piccolo; University of Illinois Musical Ensemble; Freda Schell, soprano; Peter Farrell, violoncello; Jack McKenzie; Michael Donzella, spoils of war; George Andrix, cloud chamber bowls; John Garvey, Conductor; Chorus of Lost Musicians; Georgi Mayer, harmonic canon play
Marty Ehrlich: A Trumpet in the Morning Marty Ehrlich Marty Ehrlich Large Ensemble; Marty Ehrlich, Conductor; Andy Laster, alto saxophone; Robert DeBellis, saxophone; Robert DeBellis, clarinet; E. J. Allen, trumpet; Ron Horton, trumpet; James Zollar, trumpet; Ray Anderson, trombone; Michael Dessen, trombone; J. D. Parran, saxophone; Jason Robinson, tenor saxophone; Howard Johnson, baritone saxophone; Joseph Daley, tuba; James Weidman, piano; Brad Jones, bass; Eric McPherson, drums; J. D. Parran, narrator; Curtis Fowlkes, trombone; Adam Kolker, tenor saxophone; Lisa Parrott, baritone saxophone; John Clark, horn; Uri Caine, piano; Drew Gress, bass; Matt Wilson, drums; Jerome Harris, guitar; Marty Ehrlich, clarinet; Warren Smith, percussion; Miki Hirose, trumpet play
Odean Pope: Universal Sounds Odean Pope Odean Pope, tenor saxophone; Marshall Allen, alto saxophone; Marshall Allen, electronic wind instrument; Warren Smith, drums; Warren Smith, percussion; Warren Smith, timpani; Warren Smith, voice; Craig McIver, drums; Jim Hamilton, drums; Lee Smith, bass play
Old Dog: By Any Other Name Michael Bisio Karl Berger, vibraphone; Karl Berger, piano; Warren Smith, drums; Michael Bisio, bass; Louie Belogenis, tenor saxophone play
Warren Smith: Dragon Dave Meets Prince Black Knight from the Darkside of the Moon Warren Smith Kalaparusha Difda, bass clarinet; Kalaparusha Difda, tenor saxophone; George Barrow, bass clarinet; George Barrow, piccolo; George Barrow, tenor saxophone; Noel Scott, alto saxophone; Noel Scott, baritone saxophone; Courtney Wynter, soprano saxophone; Courtney Wynter, tenor saxophone; Courtney Wynter, clarinet; Courtney Wynter, flute; Vincent Chauncey, French horn; Jack Jeffers, bass trombone; Jack Jeffers, tuba; Jack Jeffers, trombone; Craig Harris, trombone; Bross Townsend, piano; Bross Townsend, Fender-Rhodes piano; David Moore, bass; David Moore, electric bass; Kenyatte Abdur-Rahman, percussion; Kenyatte Abdur-Rahman, vibraphone; Warren Smith, marimba; Warren Smith, tympani; Warren Smith, whistles; Jack Jeffers, voice; Kalaparusha Difda, voice; Warren Smith, voice; Craig Harris, voice; David Moore, voice play
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