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Irving Kaufman Anthology

The Last Recording Pioneer

Archeophone Records
1914 — Aug 1974

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play I Love the Ladies 3:18 Grant Clarke; Jean Schwartz    
Irving Kaufman, tenor
Circa 1914

play They Don’t Hesitate Any More 2:30 Harry Puck; Bert Kalmar; Edgar Leslie    
Irving Kaufman, tenor
Apr 1914

play Underneath the Japanese Moon 2:43 Gene Buck; W. Gus Haenschen    
from "Follies of 1914"
Irving Kaufman, tenor
Aug 1914

play Listen to That Dixie Band 4:14 Jack Yellen; George L. Cobb    
Irving Kaufman, tenor
Apr 1915

play My Fox Trot Wedding Day 3:08 Benjamin Burt    
Irving Kaufman, tenor
Nov 1915

play Are You from Dixie? (’Cause I’m from Dixie Too) 2:35 Jack Yellen; George L. Cobb    
Dec 1915

play You’re a Dangerous Girl 2:48 Grant Clarke; James V. Monaco    
(from "Robinson Crusoe, Jr.")
Irving Kaufman, tenor
Dec 1916

play Mr. Jazz Himself 3:00 Irving Berlin    
Irving Kaufman, tenor
Aug 1917

play I’m All Bound ‘Round with the Mason Dixon Line 3:12 Sam M. Lewis; Joe Young; Jean Schwartz    
Irving Kaufman, tenor
Jul 1917

play Hail! Hail! The Gang’s All Here 3:04 Esrom, D. A. [pseudonym of Theodora Morse]; Theodore Morse; Arthur Sullivan    
play Oh! Susie Behave 2:52 Ed Rose; Abe Olman    
Irving Kaufman, tenor
Oct 1918

play Take Your Girlie to the Movies (If You Can’t Make Love at Home) 3:05 Edgar Leslie; Bert Kalmar; Pete Wendling    
Irving Kaufman, tenor
May 1919

play You’d Be Surprised 3:00 Irving Berlin    
Irving Kaufman, tenor
Sep 1919

play Goodnight Angeline 3:02 James Reese Europe; Noble Sissle; Eubie Blake    
Circa 1920

play Sweet Lady (Medley) 2:58 Howard Johnson; Frank Crumit; Dave Zoob    
(From Musical Production "Tangerine")
Sep 1921

play Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes (Down in Tennessee) 2:52 Harry Pease; Johnny White; Ira Schuster; Ed G. Nelson    
Irving Kaufman, tenor
Sep 1921

play My Yiddisha Mammy 2:39 Alex Gerber; Jean Schwartz; Eddie Cantor    
Irving Kaufman, tenor
May 1922

play Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Shean 2:50 Ed Gallagher; Al Shean    
Circa Apr 1922

play When You and I Were Young Maggie Blues 2:53 Jack Frost; Jimmy McHugh    
Irving Kaufman, tenor
Circa 1922

play Yes! We Have No Bananas 2:45 Frank Silver; Irving Cohn    
May 1923

play Yes Sir, That’s My Baby 2:39 Gus Kahn; Walter Donaldson    
Irving Kaufman, tenor
Aug 1925

play You Took Advantage of Me 3:12 Richard Rodgers; Vaughn De Leath; Lorenz Hart    
(From "Present Arms")
Jul 1928

play That’s the Good Old Sunny South 3:04 Jack Yellen; Milton Agee    
Irving Kaufman, tenor
Jan 1929

play In the Good Old Summertime 2:34 Ren Shields; George Evans    
Irving Kaufman, tenor
Jul 1946

play Think It Over Mary 2:30 Al Piantadosi    
Circa 1947

play God Bless America 1:57 Irving Berlin    
Aug 1974