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title composer artists/ensemble play
Chamber Symphony #2 for 16 Instruments Leo Kraft George Rothman, Conductor play
Cloud Studies for 12 flutes Leo Kraft Michelle Ryang, flute; Christina Jennings, flute; Diane Taublieb, flute; Joseph Piscitelli, flute; Zara Lawler, flute; Tanya Dusevic, flute; Richard Wyton, alto flute; Adrienne Flynn, flute; Lisa Maron, piccolo; Margaret Swinchoski, piccolo; Laurel Ann Maurer, alto flute; Dominique Soucy, flute; John Solum, Conductor play
cummingsong Leo Kraft Lois Martin, viola; Mark Bleeke, tenor; Deborah Wong, violin; Sue Ann Kahn, flute; Marcia Butler, oboe; Greg Heffelink, cello; Paul Hostetter, Conductor play
Eight Choral Songs for Acappella Chorus Leo Kraft Harold Rosenbaum, Conductor; New York Virtuoso Singers play
Line Drawings Leo Kraft Paul Lustig Dunkel, flute; Michael Lipsey, percussion play
Omaggio Leo Kraft Louis Martin, violin; Jean Kopperud, clarinet; Chamber Players of the League/ISCM; Ted Mook, cello; Sue Ann Kahn, flute; Cyrus Stevens, violin play
Six Pieces for Violin and Piano Obbligato Leo Kraft Christopher Oldfather, piano; Renee Jolles, violin play
Spring in The Harbor Leo Kraft Andrew Thomas, piano; Alexander Kouguell, cello; Catherine Rowe, soprano; Gerardo Levy, flute; Leo Kraft, Conductor play
Spring in The Harbor Leo Kraft Andrew Thomas, piano; Gerardo Levy, flute; Catherine Rowe, soprano; Alexander Kouguell, cello play
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