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Let Me Play This For You

Francis Sims
People Take Warning!
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Let Me Play This For You Rare Cajun Recordings 1929-1930 Angelas LeJeune, voice; Angelas LeJeune, accordion; Ernest Fruge, fiddle; Adolph "Bixy" Guidry, accordion; Percy Babineaux, fiddle; Dennis McGee, fiddle; Adolph "Bixy" Guidry, voice; Alcide "Blind Uncle" Gaspard, guitar; Delma Lachney, fiddle; Alcide "Blind Uncle" Gaspard, voice play
Old-Country Music in a New Land: Folk Music of Immigrants from Europe and the Near East Ruben Sarkisian Harilaos Piperakis, lyra; P. Gamoian, dembeg; Elise Deshotel and His Lousiana rhythmaires; Harilaos Piperakis, voice; New Arkansas Travelers; Mahanojaus Leitviska Maineriu Orkestra; Nahem Simon; Unknown; Nahem Simon, violin; Vart Sarkisian, voice; Nahem Simon, voice; Ruben Sarkisian, violin; Ernest Fruge, violin; H. Parigian, banjo; Dennis McGee, violin; Mike Lapcak Slovensky Hudba; Nahem Simon, drum; Dennis McGee, voice; J. Berberian; Lyyli Wainikainen, accordion; James Morrison, violin; Patrick Killoran and his Pride of Erin Orchestra; Braca Kapugi Tamburica Orchestra; Aili Wainikainen, violin; John McKenna, piano; Santiago Jimenez y Sus valendores; Lydia Mendoza y Familia; John McKenna, flute; Krestyanskyj Orkestr play
People Take Warning! Francis Sims Hi Henry Brown; Charlie Jordan; Skillet Lickers; Birmingham Jug Band; Bob Miller; Ernest Stoneman; Cantor Joseph Rosenblatt; Blind Alfred Reed; Bill Cox; Dixon Brothers; Cliff Carlisle; Walter E. "Furry" Lewis; Carver Boys; Richard "Rabbitt" Brown; Paul Miles and the Red Fox Chasers; Kentucky Ramblers; Riley Puckett; J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers; Frank Hutchison; Fred Pendleton & The West Virginia Melody Boys; William and Versey Smith; Robert Hicks; Fiddlin' John Carson; Charlie Patton; Charlotte & Bob Miller; Elder Curry; Kansas Joe; Minnie Douglas (Memphis Minnie); Andrew Jenkins; J.H. Howell's Carolina Hillbillies; Asa Martin; James Roberts; Andy and Flip Cap; Samuel Warren Caplinger; Andrew Patterson; William ‘‘Flip’’ Strickland; Charlie Poole; David Harrison ("Uncle Dave") Macon; McGee Brothers; Eddie James "Son" House; Green Bailey; Vernon Dalhart; Carson Robison Trio; W.A. Lindsey; Alvin Condor; Elders McIntorsh & Edwards; Appalachia Vagabond (Hayes Shepherd); Earl Johnson; Kahle Brewer; Kelly Harrell; Carolina Buddies; Clarence Ashley; Will Bennett; Dykes Magic City Trio; Dennis McGee; Ernest Fruge; B.F. Shelton; Grayson and Whitter; Gilliam Banmon Grayson, fiddle; Henry Whitter, guitar; Floyd County Ramblers; John Hammond; Roy Harvey and the North Carolina Ramblers; Ashley and Foster; Clarence Ashley, guitar; Gwen Foster, harmonica; Wilmer Watts and the Lonely Eagles; Willie Walker play
That's My Rabbit, My Dog Caught It: Traditional Southern Instrumental Styles Hobart Smith Riley Puckett, guitar; Louis H. Propps, fiddle; Palmer McAbee, harmonica; Dennis McGee, fiddle; Cleoma Breaux, guitar; Louis H. Propps, guitar; Francis Gillum, straws; Walter Family; Kenneth Benfield, autoharp; Ernest Fruge, fiddle; Neriah Benfield, autoharp; Allen Sisson, fiddle; Seven Foot Dillyand His Dill Pickles; Arthur Smith and His Dixieliners; Marion Reese, fife; Alva Greene, fiddle; Jacob Burckhart, piano; Joseph Falcon, accordion; Helton Brothers; Luther Strong, fiddle; Ezra Hawkins, mandolin; Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers; Lena Hughes, guitar; Pete Steele, banjo; Vernon Judd, banjo; Mrs. Judd, voice; Justis Begley, banjo; I.D. Stamper, hammered dulcimer; Obed Pickard, mouth harp play
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