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Lawrence Gorman
Brave Boys: New England Traditions in Folk Music

Dan Joseph
Dan Joseph: Archaea

Dan Joseph
Dan Joseph: Tonalization (For the Afterlife)

Lucia Dlugoszewski
David Taylor: Bass Trombone
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Brave Boys: New England Traditions in Folk Music Lawrence Gorman Sterl Van Arsdale, hammered dulcimer; Grant Rogers, voice; Lawrence Older, voice; Harvey Tolman, fiddle; Newton F. Tolman, flute; Wilfred Guillette, fiddle; Phil Van Arsdale, hammered dulcimer; Rose Tolman, piano; Lawrence Older, guitar; Kay Gilbert, piano; Seamus Logue, guitar; Kevin Taylor, accordion; Brendan Mulvihill, fiddle; Paul Van Arsdale, hammered dulcimer; Maurice Campbell, piano; Rosalie Shaw, voice; Mack Moody, voice; Edward Kirby, voice; James Brown, voice; Mrs. Morris Austin, voice; Grant Rogers, guitar; Sara Cleveland, voice; Gale Huntington, voice; Ben Mandel, voice; Lewis Lund, voice; Gail Stoddard Storm, voice play
Cold Blue Two Daniel Lentz Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick, cello; Clement Marshall, classical guitar; Ingram Marshall, electronics; Philip Schroeder, celesta; Philip Schroeder, electronics; Marty Walker, clarinet; Phil O'Connor, clarinet; Thomas Newman, piano; Rick Cox, electronics; ETHEL; Cornelius Dufallo, violin; Jennifer Choi, violin; Ralph Farris, viola; Dorothy Lawson, cello; Sarah Cahill, piano; Rick Cox, electric guitar; Alma Lisa Fernandez, viola; James Bergman, bass; Brian Walsh, clarinet; Alex Iles, alto trombone; Alex Iles, tenor trombone; Alex Iles, bass trombone; Michael Jon Fink, electric guitar; Erin Barnes, diamond marimba; Formalist Quartet; Andrew McIntosh, violin; Andrew Tholl, violin; Mark Menzies, viola; Ashley Waters, cello; John Schneider, voice; John Schneider, National Steel Guitar; Guy Klucevsek, accordion; Theresa Dimond, hammered dulcimer; Bryan Pezzone, piano; Jessica Catron, cello play
Dan Joseph: Archaea Dan Joseph Danny Tunick, percussion; Tom Chiu, violin; Dan Joseph, hammered dulcimer; Loren Dempster, violoncello; Marija Ilic, harpsichord; Michael Lowenstern, clarinet play
Dan Joseph: Tonalization (For the Afterlife) Dan Joseph Dan Joseph Ensemble; Dan Joseph, hammered dulcimer; Tom Chiu, violin; Loren Dempster, cello; Marija Ilic, harpsichord; Leah Paul, flute; Danny Tunick, marimba; Thomas Buckner, baritone play
David Taylor: Bass Trombone Lucia Dlugoszewski William Moersch, hammered dulcimer; William Moersch, marimba; Alan Cox, flute; Allan Dean, trumpet; Lucia Dlugoszewski, timbre piano; David Taylor, bass trombone; Dennis Godburn, bassoon; Stephen Taylor, oboe; David Carp; Robert Wolinsky, Fender-Rhodes piano; William Blount, clarinet; Louise Schulman, voice; Louise Schulman, violin play
That's My Rabbit, My Dog Caught It: Traditional Southern Instrumental Styles Hobart Smith Riley Puckett, guitar; Louis H. Propps, fiddle; Palmer McAbee, harmonica; Dennis McGee, fiddle; Cleoma Breaux, guitar; Louis H. Propps, guitar; Francis Gillum, straws; Walter Family; Kenneth Benfield, autoharp; Ernest Fruge, fiddle; Neriah Benfield, autoharp; Allen Sisson, fiddle; Seven Foot Dillyand His Dill Pickles; Arthur Smith and His Dixieliners; Marion Reese, fife; Alva Greene, fiddle; Jacob Burckhart, piano; Joseph Falcon, accordion; Helton Brothers; Luther Strong, fiddle; Ezra Hawkins, mandolin; Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers; Lena Hughes, guitar; Pete Steele, banjo; Vernon Judd, banjo; Mrs. Judd, voice; Justis Begley, banjo; I.D. Stamper, hammered dulcimer; Obed Pickard, mouth harp play
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