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Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Counterpoint Premieres

Morten Lauridsen
Counterpoint Sings Noel

Robert De Cormier, arr.
Let Me Fly

Robert De Cormier

Robert De Cormier, arr.
When the Rabbi Danced
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Counterpoint Premieres Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco D. Thomas Toner, percussion; Counterpoint; Robert De Cormier, Conductor; Claire Hungerford, soprano; John Muratore, guitar; Brett Murphy, bass; Roger Grow, tenor play
Counterpoint Sings Noel Morten Lauridsen Karen Kevra, flute; Linda Radtke; Melissa Chesnut-Tangerman; Amy Frostman; Brett Murphy; Counterpoint; D. Thomas Toner, percussion; Roger Grow, zither; Claire Hungerford; Eric Brooks; John Muratore, guitar; Roger Grow; Gregory Hayes, organ; Robert De Cormier, Conductor; Roger Grow, finger cymbals play
Let Me Fly Robert De Cormier, arr. Claire Hungerford, soprano; Harry Schenawolf, bass; Jonita Lattimore, soprano; Louise De Cormier, narrator; David Horn, tenor; Stephen Falbel, bass; Carolyn Dickinson, alto; Marybeth McCaffrey, soprano; Melissa Chesnut-Tangerman, alto; Eric K. Brooks, baritone; Counterpoint; Peter Matthews, guitar; D. Thomas Toner, percussion; Linda Radtke, alto; Robert De Cormier, Conductor; Roger Grow, tenor play
Shalom folk songs and dances of a young nation Robert De Cormier Tom Toner, percussion; Melissa Chesnut-Tangerman; Counterpoint; John Muratore, guitar; Roger Grow; Katherine Matasy, clarinet; Linda Radtke; Don Baldini, bass; Amy Frostman; Karen Kevra, flute; Katherine Matasy, accordion; Claire Hungerford; Robert De Cormier, Conductor play
When the Rabbi Danced Songs of Jewish Life from the Shtetl to the Resistance Robert De Cormier, arr. Yampolsky; Brett Murphy, bass; Linda Radtke, alto; Counterpoint; John Muratore, guitar; Katherine Matasy, clarinet; Colleen Flynn Campbell, soprano; Gene White Jr., violin; Don Baldini, bass; Gene White Jr., mandolin; Karen Kevra, flute; Roger Grow, tenor; Eric K. Brooks, baritone; Katherine Matasy, accordion; Amy Frostman, soprano; Tom Toner, percussion; Robert De Cormier, Conductor; Mary Chestnut-Tangerman, alto; Claire Hungerford, soprano play
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