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Cliff Hess
Jazzin' Straight Thru' Paradise

Roger Graham
Marion Harris - The Complete Victor Releases

J. Turner Layton
The Phonographic Yearbook: 1919

Charlie Henderson
Yes Sir, That's My Baby: The Golden Years of Tin Pan Alley, 1920-1929
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Catalyst: The Complete Recordings Vol. 1 Odean Pope Odean Pope, oboe; Sherman Ferguson, drums; Ron Baker, bass; Eddie Green, piano; Pat Gleason, ARP synthesizer; Norman Harris, percussion; Odean Pope, tenor saxophone; Eddie Green, Fender-Rhodes piano; Larry Washington, percussion; Sherman Ferguson, percussion; Norman Harris, guitar; Odean Pope, flute; Billy Hart, percussion; Eddie Green, electric piano; Morris Bailey, voice; Anthony Jackson, bass; Al Johnson, bass; Eddie Green, voice; Tyrone Brown, electric bass play
Catalyst: The Complete Recordings Vol. 2 Farel Johnson Odean Pope, tenor saxophone; Odean Pope, alto flute; Charles Ellerbe, electric guitar; Michael Peebles, cello; Steve Tanzer, piccolo; Sherman Ferguson, marimba; Steve Tanzer, flute; Sherman Ferguson, drums; Steve Tanzer, alto flute; George Taylor, flute; Farel Johnson, percussion; Farel Johnson, voice; Aliza Appel, viola; Eddie Green, piano; Shirley Byrne Brown, flute; Odean Pope, flute; John Blake, violin; George Taylor, clarinet; Eddie Green, Moog synthesizer; Tyrone Brown, electric bass; Eddie Green, voice; Al Johnson, bass; Gail Murdaugh, violin; Sherman Ferguson, percussion; Eddie Green, percussion; Billy Hart, percussion; Tyrone Brown, bass; Connie Hamilton, flute; Eddie Green, electric piano; Billy Hart, drums; Sharon Scott, voice play
Jazzin' Straight Thru' Paradise Cliff Hess Wilbur Sweatman's Original Jazz Band; Wilbur Sweatman, clarinet; Russell Smith, trumpet; Arthur Reeves, trombone; Dan Parish, piano; Romy Jones, tuba; William Hicks, trumpet; Major Jackson, trombone; Henry Bowser, drums; (not credited), violin; (not credited), saxophone; Walter Gray, banjo; Arnold Ford, banjolin; Arthur Shaw, banjolin; Arthur Gray, banjolin play
Marion Harris - The Complete Victor Releases Roger Graham Marion Harris; Billy Murray play
The Phonographic Yearbook: 1919 "Jazzin' Around and Paintin' the Town" J. Turner Layton Marion Harris; Selvin's Novelty Orchestra; Albert Campbell, tenor; Henry Burr, tenor; Arthur Fields, tenor; Nora Bayes; Al Jolson; Bert Williams; Irving Kaufman, tenor; Jack Kaufman, tenor; Gus Van, baritone; Joe Schenck, tenor; John Steel, tenor; Charles Hart, tenor; Lewis James, tenor; Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra; Billy Murray, tenor; Arthur Fields, baritone; Joseph Knecht's Waldorf-Astoria Dance Orchestra; John McCormack, tenor; Elliott Shaw, baritone; Nicholas Orlando's Orchestra play
Yes Sir, That's My Baby: The Golden Years of Tin Pan Alley, 1920-1929 Charlie Henderson Cliff Edwards; Paul Whiteman; Ruth Etting; Al Jolson; Blossom Seeley; Ethel Waters; Rudy Vallee; Ted Lewis; Jack Smith; Sophie Tucker; Louis Armstrong; Gene Austin play
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