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Alwin Nikolais
Alwin Nikolais: Electronic Dance Music

Anla Courtis
Anla Courtis: Tape Works

David Hurley
David Hurley: Outer Nebula Inner Nebula
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Alwin Nikolais: Electronic Dance Music Alwin Nikolais Alwin Nikolais, tape; Alwin Nikolais, electronics; Alwin Nikolais, Moog synthesizer; Alwin Nikolais, electronics; Alwin Nikolais, synclavier play
Anla Courtis: Tape Works Anla Courtis Anla Courtis, tape; Anla Courtis, pre-recorded sound; Anla Courtis, electronic processing; Anla Courtis, Moog synthesizer; Anla Courtis, electronics play
Catalyst: The Complete Recordings Vol. 2 Sherman Ferguson Sherman Ferguson, percussion; Odean Pope, alto flute; Charles Ellerbe, electric guitar; Michael Peebles, cello; Steve Tanzer, piccolo; Sherman Ferguson, marimba; Steve Tanzer, flute; Sherman Ferguson, drums; Odean Pope, tenor saxophone; George Taylor, flute; Farel Johnson, percussion; Farel Johnson, voice; Aliza Appel, viola; Eddie Green, piano; Shirley Byrne Brown, flute; Steve Tanzer, alto flute; Sharon Scott, voice; John Blake, violin; George Taylor, clarinet; Eddie Green, Moog synthesizer; Tyrone Brown, electric bass; Eddie Green, voice; Al Johnson, bass; Gail Murdaugh, violin; Odean Pope, flute; Eddie Green, percussion; Billy Hart, percussion; Tyrone Brown, bass; Connie Hamilton, flute; Eddie Green, electric piano; Billy Hart, drums play
David Hurley: Outer Nebula Inner Nebula David Hurley David Hurley, bells; Brian Ellis, violin; David Hurley, double reed horn; David Hurley, recorder; David Hurley, gong; Leonard Mack II, shakers; Ousmane Traore, tambourine; David Hurley, bongos; David Hurley, flute; David Hurley, piano; David Hurley, marimba; David Hurley, reong; David Hurley, bamboo flute; David Hurley, claves; David Hurley, Moog synthesizer; Ousmane Traore, junjun; Zuri Waters, alto saxophone; Zuri Waters, bells; Preston Swirnoff, organ; David Hurley, drums; Leonard Mack II, djembe; David Hurley, voice; David Hurley, double flute; David Hurley, shakers; David Hurley, congas; David Hurley, balaphone; David Hurley, vibraphone play
John Eaton: Mass/Blind Man's Cry/Concert Music for Solo Clarinet John Eaton Michiko Hirayama, soprano; John Eaton, Syn-Mill; Kalvert Nelson, tape; Judith Martin, Syn-Ket; John Reeves White, Conductor; Andrew Jarema, Syn-Mill; Jay Williams, Moog synthesizer; Eugene O'Brien, Syn-Ket; John Eaton, Syn-Ket; Andrew Jarema, Mini-Vox; William O. Smith, clarinet; Wilson Allen, tape play
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