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Cold Blue

Cold Blue Music

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play Beatrix 4:10 Chas Smith    
play Gradual Siciliano (for Gus) 3:58 Ingram Marshall    
play The Three Strange Angels 6:04 Peter Garland    
play You Can't See the Forest…Music 4:03 Daniel Lentz    
play Marimbas in the Dorian Mode 4:30 Michael Byron    
play Appearance of Red 5:37 Jim Fox    
play La Ciudad De Nuestra Señora La Reina De Los Angeles 5:52 David Mahler    
Bryan Pezzone, piano

play Weddings, Funerals, And Children Who Cannot Sleep 2:36 Read Miller    
play In This Light 4:51 John Kuhlman    
play Necessity 4:49 Rick Cox    
play Celesta Solo 3:39 Michael Jon Fink    

play Wonder's Edge 4:39 Eugene Bowen; Harold Budd    
play Spectral CANON for CONLON Nancarrow 3:27 James Tenney    
for player piano (tuned to the first 24 partials of the harmonic series on a low A)