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At the End of the Parade Yehuda Yannay Lawrence Weller, baritone; The Orchestra of Our Time; Lewis Paer, bass; Eric Rosenblith, violin; Eric Rosenblith, viola; Christopher Finckel, cello; David Woodhull, percussion; Jeffrey Kowalsky, percussion; Dwight Peltzer, piano; Dwight Peltzer, harpsichord; Joel Thome, Conductor play
Concertini Ronald Caltabiano Lewis Paer, contrabass; Group for Contemporary Music; Mike Finn, bassoon; Brian Greene, oboe; Tara Helen O'Connor, flute; Sunghae Anna Lim, violin; John Ferrari, percussion; Lewis Paer, bass; Margaret Kampmeier, piano; Stewart Rose, horn; Curtis Macomber, violin; Raymond Mase, trumpet; Michael Powell, trombone; Charles Neidich, clarinet; William Purvis, horn; Lois Martin, violin; Fred Sherry, cello; Ronald Caltabiano, Conductor play
Three Tone Pictures Charles Tomlinson Griffes Susan Rotholz, flute; David Korevaar, piano; Diane Chaplin, violoncello; Julie Rosenfeld, violin; Deborah Redding, violin; Victoria Eisen, horn; Michael Finn, bassoon; Alan R. Kay, clarinet; Matthew Dine, oboe; Francesca Martin Silos, viola; Stephen Rogers Radcliffe, Conductor; New York Chamber Ensemble; Lewis Paer, bass play
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