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Henry Cowell
The Composer-Performer

Joan La Barbara
Joan La Barbara: Shamansong

Stephen Scott
Stephen Scott: Paisajes Audibles/Sounding Landscapes
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The Composer-Performer Henry Cowell Harry Partch; Guy Klucevsek, accordion; Alice Shields, voice; Ben Johnston; Donald Pippin; Henry Cowell, piano; Harry Partch, instrument; Betty Johnston, instrument; Donald Pippin, instrument; Ben Johnston, instrument; Irving Fine, piano; Otto Luening, flute; Robert Helps, piano; Betty Allen, mezzo-soprano; Virgil Thomson, piano; William Albright, organ; George Walker, piano; Harvey Sollberger, flute; Fred Sherry, cello; Charles Wuorinen, piano; Curtis Curtis-Smith, bowed piano; Gerald Fischbach, violin; Phyllis Bryn-Julson, soprano; Ned Rorem, piano; Da Capo Chamber Players; Joel Lester, violin; Laura Flax, clarinet; Joan Tower, piano; André Emelianoff, cello; Patricia Spencer, flute; Guy Klucevsek, free bass accordion; Michael Gordon Philharmonic; Bob Loughlin, electric guitar; Ted Kuhn, violin; John Lad, viola; Michael Gordon, keyboard; Michael Pugliese, percussion; Evan Ziporyn, bass clarinet; Victoria Jordanova, broken piano; Victoria Jordanova, harp; Nine Songs Ensemble and Chorus; Tan Dun, voice; Tan Dun, percussion; Tan Dun, Conductor; Alice Shields, piano; Alice Shields, electronics play
Joan La Barbara: Shamansong Joan La Barbara Polly Tapia Ferber, dumbek; Joan La Barbara, computer; Kristina Melcher, gender; Gaylord Mowrey, bowed piano; Si-Si Chen, yangqi; Bao-Li Zhang, erhu; Tao Chen, dizi ; Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick, cello; Si-Si Chen, percussion; Joan La Barbara, percussion; Joan La Barbara, synthesizer; Joan La Barbara, electronic keyboard; Joan La Barbara, voice play
Stephen Scott: Paisajes Audibles/Sounding Landscapes Stephen Scott Laura Whalin, bowed piano; Sayo Yamaguchi, bowed piano; Bowed Piano Ensemble; Elissa Greene, bowed piano; Nicole Benton, bowed piano; Victoria Hansen, soprano; Rebecca Wood, bowed piano; Sienna Wolf-Ekblad, bowed piano; Stephen Scott, bowed piano; Daniel Wiencek, bowed piano; Alexander Smith, bowed piano; Matthew Wirzbicki, bowed piano play
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