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Henry Cowell
The Composer-Performer

Curtis Curtis-Smith
Hammers and Bows

Jean-Charles Francois
Jean-Charles Francois and George Cacioppo

Roger Reynolds
Music from the ONCE Festival 1961-1966
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Chihara/Curtis-Smith Paul Chihara UCLA Men's Glee Club; Don Weiss, Conductor; William Albright, organ; Lorna Cooke deVaron, Conductor; Chorus of the New England Conservatory play
The Composer-Performer Henry Cowell Harry Partch; Guy Klucevsek, accordion; Alice Shields, voice; Ben Johnston; Donald Pippin; Henry Cowell, piano; Harry Partch, instrument; Betty Johnston, instrument; Donald Pippin, instrument; Ben Johnston, instrument; Irving Fine, piano; Otto Luening, flute; Robert Helps, piano; Betty Allen, mezzo-soprano; Virgil Thomson, piano; William Albright, organ; George Walker, piano; Harvey Sollberger, flute; Fred Sherry, cello; Charles Wuorinen, piano; Curtis Curtis-Smith, bowed piano; Gerald Fischbach, violin; Phyllis Bryn-Julson, soprano; Ned Rorem, piano; Da Capo Chamber Players; Joel Lester, violin; Laura Flax, clarinet; Joan Tower, piano; André Emelianoff, cello; Patricia Spencer, flute; Guy Klucevsek, free bass accordion; Michael Gordon Philharmonic; Bob Loughlin, electric guitar; Ted Kuhn, violin; John Lad, viola; Michael Gordon, keyboard; Michael Pugliese, percussion; Evan Ziporyn, bass clarinet; Victoria Jordanova, broken piano; Victoria Jordanova, harp; Nine Songs Ensemble and Chorus; Tan Dun, voice; Tan Dun, percussion; Tan Dun, Conductor; Alice Shields, piano; Alice Shields, electronics play
Hammers and Bows Curtis Curtis-Smith Gerald Fischbach, violin; Curtis Curtis-Smith, piano; Robert Morris, piano; William Albright, piano play
Hodkinson/Heiss/Ung Chinary Ung Barbara Ann Martin, soprano; Porter Poindexter, trombone; Susan Jolles, harp; George Haas, oboe; Joseph Passaro, percussion; Nancy Elan, violin; Arthur Weisberg, Conductor; Kenneth Hosley, percussion; William Albright, organ; Stephen Johns, tuba; Gilbert Kalish, piano; David Starobin, guitar; Speculum Musicae; Fred Sherry, cello; Richard Fitz, Conductor; John T. Clark, horn; Louise Schulman, viola; Louis Ranger, trumpet; Contemporary Chamber Ensemble; Donald MacCourt, bassoon; Virgil Blackwell, clarinet; Paul Lustig Dunkel, flute; Donald Palma, bass; Susan Palma Nidel, flute play
Jean-Charles Francois and George Cacioppo Jean-Charles Francois Ensemble Aleph; Monica Jordan, soprano; Jean-Charles Francois, percussion; Maurice Salaun, sound engineer; University of Michigan Percussion Ensemble; Matt Barber, percussion; Robert Gabriele, percussion; Charles Hodson, percussion; Joanne Lorenzo, percussion; David Steinquest, percussion; Matt Watson, percussion; Charles Owen, Conductor; William Albright, organ; William Albright, piano; Kurt Carpenter, piano; Russell Peck, electronics; Robert Boury, electronics play
Kraft/Hodkinson Leo Kraft F. Gerard Errante, clarinet; Andrew Thomas, piano; F. Gerard Errante, saxophone; Gerardo Levy, flute; Catherine Rowe, soprano; Leo Kraft, Conductor; Alexander Kouguell, cello; William Albright, piano; St. Paul Chamber Orchestra; Sydney Hodkinson, Conductor; F. Gerard Errante, bass clarinet play
Music from the ONCE Festival 1961-1966 Roger Reynolds Russell Peck, trombone; James Ferguson, trombone; Robert Pozar; David Maves; Anne Speer, flute; Tom Asboth, clarinet; Edith Perrow, violin; Michael von Biel, cello; Anne Aitchison, flute; Terry Jennings, saxophone; Jean Harter, viola; Arthur Follows, cello; John Morgan, clarinet; Donald Scavards, piano; Karl Wirt, trombone; John Moses, clarinet; Max Neuhaus, percussion; ONCE Festival Orchestra; Jack Brooks, cello; Richard Reynolds, French horn; Philip Corner, bass trombone; David Tudor, electronics; Mary Ashley, reader; Harold Borkin, reader; George Cacioppo, reader; Cynthia Liddell, reader; Anne Wehrer, reader; Joseph Wehrer, reader; Kenneth Miesen, trombone; Philip Krumm, flute; Jack O'Brien; Bertram Turetzky, double bass; Josef Marx, oboe; Kenneth Snipes, oboe; Dick Tilkin, percussion; Karen Lovejoy, soprano; ONCE Chamber Ensemble; David Sutherland, Conductor; ONCE Chamber Orchestra; William Albright, clarinet; Wayne Dunlap, Conductor; Nancy Turetzky, flute; Karin Fierce, violin; Lana Lou Nail, violin; Bob James, piano; Larry Leitch, piano; Camerata Quartet of New York City; Edwin London, Conductor; Hartt Chamber Players; Peggy Ericson, soprano; Karen Hill, piccolo; Donald Bohlen, piano; Kay Maves, French horn; Richard Lowenthal, trumpet play
Music Of Gerard Pape Gerard Pape Donald Batchelder, trumpet; Robert Black, Conductor; Susan Panny, horn; James Baker, percussion; Gail Kruvand, bass; Donald Flachs, oboe; Jayn Rosenfeld, flute; Olivia Koppell, viola; Dorothy Lawson, cello; Prism Orchestra; Robert Yamins, clarinet; Richard Ford, trombone; Kelly Morisheen, violin; Peter Simmons, bassoon; David Alberman, violin; Mary Rowell, violin; Ann Arbor Chamber Orchestra; Carl Daehler, Conductor; William Albright, organ; Thomas Buckner, baritone; Janet Pape, soprano; Sydney Hodkinson, Conductor; Janet Pape, voice; Rohan de Saram, cello; Arditti String Quartet; Irvine Arditti, violin; Levine Andrade, viola play
William Albright: Organ Works William Albright William Albright, organ; Marilyn Mason, organ play
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